A Culture of Love Letters


We have all heard the sentiment expressed that in the age of digital customer reviews, “Everyone’s a Critic”. One of the things we love most about working at Magic-Flight is that because we pour so much care and attention into supporting our customers in being successful with our products, we get to enjoy a much different experience than that of many other companies.  We receive an absolute flood of love letters each day from our community of Launch Box owners, letting us know how the things we make here are affecting their lives for the better. We even have a special bulletin board up in our common room where we keep our favorite customer messages so that everyone here can have a chance to feel the love.

As we begin thinking of things we are grateful for in preparation for Thanksgiving, our many unique and special customers are at the very top of our list.  However, a special note received from one of our long time Instagram supporters really stands out.  Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to receive a digital tarot reading from the artist @harpeli, a self described rune maker, poet, and tarot reader. Through Instagram, we have gotten to know each other a little better, and discovered that Eli, like us, is also a dedicated woodworker,  recently winning our hearts once again by sending us an amazing handmade wood tile commemorating our now famous quote, “Love is That Which Enables Choice.”

Check out Eli’s Etsy shop where you can choose from many affordably priced original designs of wooden runes, stash boxes, and more, just in time for holiday gift giving.

We are grateful for how the internet has provided us with this connection!

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