Bellows: enhancing the vaporization experience

I enjoy vaping with friends, but the Launch Box has a learning curve. What is a good method for sharing the Launch Box with the uninitiated?

There are several different ways to teach new users how to use the Launch Box, and Magic-Flight has even created tools that help simplify the process even further. One method is the 6-6-6 method, where the user holds the battery for 6 seconds, draws for 6 seconds, and then disengages the battery and continues to draw for 6 seconds. This is a great way to prevent combustion while familiarizing users with a time table for
optimizing their Launch Box experience.

In addition to various draw techniques like the 6-6-6 method, there is also the Mellow Bellows, a device which perfects the speed and airflow for optimal vaporization.

That sounds interesting! How does the Mellow Bellows work?

Mellow Bellows works by attaching it to the bowl hole of your Launch Box and lifting the top of the Mellow Bellows so that it fills with air. It is akin to the bellows that people use to stoke the flames of a fire or furnace. As you draw through the Launch Box, the weight of the Bellows will push air through the Launch Box at the most desirable speed. So rather than you having to suck, the bellows blows for you.

What about the battery? Does the Mellow Bellows work as a battery?

No, it does not. You still have to engage the battery, however you don’t
have to refine the drawing process or worry about accidental combustion.
You would engage the battery while vapor is being formed in the trench and
disengage when the vapor has fully exited the Launch Box. We’ve found as
well that the power adapter works excellently in this regard because then
you only have to take your finger off the button instead of removing it
entirely. Sometimes the battery must be fully removed to stop vaporization
unless you have a push-back ring.


Can you use this with the concentrate box– the Muad-dib?

Absolutely you can! It’s actually recommended because it helps cool the
vapor before it enters your lungs. Many people who use the Muad-dib
actually love using the Mellow Bellows with it for this reason.

What are the benefits to the Mellow Bellow aside from optimized air flow?

It’s a social tool because it’s easier to use with an additional set of
hands encouraging the social aspects of vaping. It’s also sanitary when
enjoying the Launch Box with friends or in a group because it allows you
to inhale the vapor without actually having to press your lips to the
Launch Box, whip, or straw due to the air flow being pushed outward from
the action of the Mellow Bellows. And finally, we took a lot of time and
care to make it an aesthetically interesting decorative piece that engages

Where can I get one?


Thanks to this post for the inspiration. 🙂

Regarding our Vapor Revealing Lasers Patent

Anything to do with lasers already sounds awesome. How is your patent linked with

We use the differential of the laser light to selectively illuminate the condensed vapor cloud. This gives you real time, up to the instant feedback as to exactly and precisely what is happening in the vapor stream. There is no more accurate, faster, and and more immediate feedback as to the true and absolute details of the vaporization system physically possible. It effect, it represents the true perfection of the symbiosis of human and tool interaction, with the result of better user control of their vaporization experience than is otherwise possible using any other technology, at least that can even be imagined today.

Does that mean you use the laser to cause the vaporization– as some
sort of heater?

No. The laser is just a way to make the vapor observable. Think of it as some sort of “ultra indicator light” — as a significant upgrade of the bulb that we use in our LB series. It does not heat the loaded materials and does not change in vapor itself in any way (aside from making it look more interesting).

Where did the idea for using lasers with a vaporizer come from?

The use of lasers for very close and accurate measurement in the vaporization process has been part of our lab technique since before the beginning of Magic-Flight. For example, see the very early video of a much earlier version of our product made several years ago at For some types of lab work, certain types of measurements involving particle counters, distances, changes in shape, lasers are a key part of the best technology tools out there. We are fortunate tohave so many great tools.

Lasers have also been used in a similar manner in light shows in various hip clubs, shows, etc, since the 1970’s. One of our earlier posts mentions someone who is active in this field today ( and as it happens, the company founder happens to know as friends personally several of the other leaders in laser tech art, some of the folks responsible for the Emerald City shows at Burning man several years ago, etc.

From what I understand, this simply allows you to vape easier– is that correct?

Yes, though that is rather understated. It makes it a LOT easier to learn how to use your vaporizer automatically. It is like a perfected “training system” in a box! Rather than trying to teach someone how to use the MD with an instruction booklet, verbal instruction, etc, you simply show them and they can see everything of how to get optimum performance all by themselves. It becomes “biologically self teaching”. Even people that do not speak the same language as you can see right away how to use it correctly.

It also allows you to control your experience — you know *exactly* how much vapor you are taking in, since you can see it, ALL of it, instantly and perfectly. You know how much, when and exactly what. Therefore, you can truly know the quality of what you are working with. That makes the experience potentially more repeatable, since several key variables can now be factored out of the personal equation. These are all good things, yes?

So when do we get one of these lasers?

They are currently released on the Connoisseur’s Club! If you are a member, you can buy one right now! Here’s the link to our sign up page: Try it out, let us know what you think!

*[As seen on Reddit here: ]*

To Dual Screen Vape with the Muad-dib or Not

We like to stand in open conversation with our Flight community and value all of the innovative thinking of our extended Flight Family. So when we’re asked if it’s possible to add a second screen to the Muad-dib to enhance the concentrate experience (and double the pleasure), we’re stoked to share our own experience in this regard.

Hey I was wondering if it was possible to put two screens in the muad-dib to do two dabs at once?

It is possible, but not recommended. Two screens changes the design current drain, the effective circuit resistance, thus voltage, and thus the temperature profile.

Let me know how it worked!

In our tests, we have not found this configuration to be particularly useful (although it is possible some user may find some unusual applications we overlooked). The jury is still out on whether or not this a viable and preferable means of vaping concentrates. Once we get past all the mechanisms of engineering that comprise the Muad-dib, we personally conclude that we prefer the meditative practice of one at a time. The taste is more likely to be better, the cleaning easier, the unit more reliable, and lasts longer, and the experience is more predictable.

I don’t want to short my box by trying.

No worries. The Box and the Muad-dib are rather robust little creatures– they will be just fine. It tends to be a bit hard on the battery, but otherwise it will not hurt anything to try! We totally get the desire to dive right in to some massive concentrate action.

Thanks– I will give it a try!

Cool! Let us know how it turns out. We are always interested to know if perhaps you discover something that we overlooked and worst case, you can always remove the extra screen. 🙂

As seen on the reddit thread:

Thanks Flight Family! We value your questions and participation in our community.

A Guide to Life’s Turning Points

iching2In continuing to look at art and it’s role in the enjoyment and evolution of the spiritual journey, we have once again found ourselves appreciating divination as a means of participating with reality in a more creative and empowered way. This week we look to the I-Ching for a general tune-in/ check up to see how we are doing as a whole, and what may be useful to know about what lays ahead for Magic-Flight. The I-Ching is an ancient Chinese oracle that uses the throwing of coins to answer questions or help assist in achieving clarity in decision making. Questions are answered in the form of assigning an archetypal pattern to be applied to your issue. Many find this juxtaposition of the personal and the transpersonal to bring about clarity of meaning in a way that is simple and dependable.  I-Ching (pronounced ee- ching ) can be translated as “Book of Changes” or “Guide to Life’s Turning Points”. This classic text boasts many different translations, all revealing different subtleties in the teachings of this abundant source of perspectives that shape human experience of life and our relationship to nature. For example today, in asking the question:

“What would be most useful to know about the next phase of Magic-Flight’s journey?”

We received the following “Hexagram” as these energetic prescriptions are called.

Water and Earth

Pi/ Holding together (Union)

“A time for creating union with others in order to compliment or assist one another…In order for your unions to bear the greatest possible fruit, certain requirements must be met…The first requirement for holding together with others is that we hold together with our own inner truth…The second requirement for holding together with others is that we steadfastly resist the clamoring of the emotional inferiors within ( fear, doubt, despair, and anger)…Finally, it is the responsibility of those who would unite to see that it is possible for others to enjoy the union as well. The desire for community is deeply felt by all humans, and it is the shared responsibility of all those on the higher path to make some sort of family available to those in need.”

We find this especially meaningful an answer, because from the beginning, we have always asked ourselves at each “turning point”, if it was possible to make a decision with the health of the whole community in mind. Aphorisms from our cannon of contemplations, such as the one that accompanies the power adapter:

“Possibilities Connect People- Fear Separates them. Always ask Questions” 

and the aphorism on our muad-Dib Concentrate vaporizer:

“ Intimacy Implies Loyalty” 

are both offered as insights into aspects of relationship that must be attended to if a community’s longterm health is of concern to those involved and those benefiting from the communion and unity at hand. It is one thing to call forth a group of people with shared goals and values and embark on a shared journey. It is another thing entirely to commit to embodying those values in every interaction, and we appreciate this Ancient Oracle’s way of saying that at this particular fork in the road, we are called upon to check in with this topic of inquiry that has always been our primary motivation for doing what we do.

Visionary Art


Since as far back as the 1400’s, artists have been attempting to capture the essence of subtle realms of existence through training in and mastering the language of the visual arts. Many contemporary Visionary artists count Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dali, and Frida Khalo to be influential in their work, and the movement is seen by some as the direct extension of the Surrealist and Psychedelic art movements.

Visionary art is “art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes.” Pain, illness, psychoactive substances, meditation, yoga, or other forms of spiritual practice can all take us beyond the day to day experience of reality into subtle realms and ways of seeing the world around us that are ordinarily beyond our ability to perceive. Such experiences often bestow the peace of mind of having seen for oneself that there is something more. Visionary artists can be seen as a particular tradition of teachers and way- showers, driven to attempt to communicate in between states of consciousness and to map out some of these subtle realms in order to inspire other people to go beyond the small self and attempt to access theses invisible realms and have their own realizations there.

The genre boasts many living masters that have entered the mainstream dialogue, such as H.R.Giger, who’s aesthetic focuses on realms of cold, metallic worlds inhabited by only vaguely humanoid alien/machine hybrids. Despite the unsettling nature of his work, he has successfully brought his unique visions into the mainstream culture, and it can now be seen in major motion pictures such as Alien and even gracing calendars sold in the mall. There is of course the extraordinarily detailed work of Alex Grey, considered by many to be one of the most important visionary artists of our time.  As we considered these larger artist’s contributions to the culture at large, we realized that right up there with our appreciation for greats like Alex Grey was our love for many of San Diegos’s own extremely talented next generation of visionary artists, like Janelle C. Despot, the artist we partnered with to create our wisdom deck, and Jetter Green (shown above) a local who’s work has been licensed and used to adorn everything from baseball caps to downhill skiing equipment.
Among the many highly skilled artists of San Diego, one such visionary really stands out. Kelsey Brookes has made a name for himself with his incredibly detailed fields of color, energy, and vibration. Born in 1978 in Denver, Colorado. Kelsey comes from a science background, and spent time living out of his car and surfing in Australia before moving to San Diego and pursuing his art full time.
“Anything having to do with the brain is interesting to me; I have lots of curiosity and questions concerning existence, both philosophically and scientifically, and because of my background a good place to start my interrogation of life is through the brain.”
In the grand tradition of many visionary artists that have come before, Kelsey developed a working relationship with the San Diego indie band Grand Ole Party , and has since created cover art for several of their albums. He has also created album art for acts like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, in addition to having large solo shows of his work, such as 2012’s  “Meditations on Symmetry” series that showed in Malibu, CA.
Kelsey has stated that his signature style is the result of combining his desire for beautiful women, hindu folk art, and the discovery channel. We tend to think of visionary realms as being accessed through a transcending of our earthly concerns, but Brooks list seems to indicate that it is just as possible to access a mystical perspective on life by deepening our attention to our most earthly, primal areas of interests, to the same end. Although his art and the messages that come through it have been praised for capturing the spirit of the times, to us the message is both ancient and true- that it is possible to tap into the spiritual by embracing rather than renouncing the material world, and any journey when undertaken with full heart and good intention will prove worthy and enriching- all roads lead home.

Happy Earth Day!

April 22nd was the observance of Earth Day— a day of honoring, loving, and caring for our planet and all she provides. Originally conceived as a means of bringing awareness to the various environmentally destructive practices of humanity, Earth Day has become partially a venue of education as well as a celebration of our successes in remedying environmental issues.

As a company that uses a variety of materials and primarily gravitates toward using wood, it is important to us to be stewards of the Earth and as sustainable as possible leaving the smallest material impact on the Earth as possible. Everything we do is centered around bringing people into better contact with the natural world— the concrete and tangible elements that surround us— while also preserving that nature for all to enjoy for generations to come.

With this in mind, some of the mechanisms we choose to power our products, create them, or package them must meet strict guidelines of sustainability. Any foam packaging that we use is biodegradable and completely eco-friendly. We pay extra to make sure that the products we choose to use aren’t going to harm the earth or remain within the environment indefinitely just for our transitory purposes.


Our window packaging for the Muad-dib and Launch Box is made from cellophane so that the plant plastic will degrade in the landfill. Cellophane is a costly product to invest in but that’s, in our opinion, the only way to do business. Considering that we are part of the environment, we choose to return to it products that will contribute to the health of the soil instead of further degrade it.

Finally, we do our best to source our wood from sustainable enterprises. This is why our three most used woods are Cherry, Walnut, and Maple. All of these woods can be grown in ways that avoid deforestation and unsustainable farming practices. For example, palm plantations for palm oil and other palm-based products can sometimes displace existing old growth rainforests and because of the mono-cropping (only palm trees) can negatively impact the soil depleting it of nutrients as well as displacing indigenous animals. It is our desire to avoid this when sourcing the wood we use for our vaporizers.


The above are only a small portion of the ways in which we reduce, reuse, and try to recycle for sustainability. We try to use all of the wood that we buy so there is less or no waste. Some of our best products are born from the desire to “upcycle” if you will. So many of our things around the office (including our computers) are second hand, thrifted or otherwise coming from a previous ownership. While this has the benefit of saving us money, it’s more about the ethos that we operate from. We choose to reuse to reduce our impact on the world.

While we take time as a nation and world to celebrate the Earth today, you can be assured that Magic-Flight as a company is taking time to celebrate the Earth and her myriad gifts to us every day. We work hard to think of the Earth in all our practices and are grateful for the continued environmental activism that allow us to choose eco-friendly products and production methods in our business practices from the cellophane in packaging to the reclaimed computers for marketing.

Happy Earth Day Flight family!

Big Man, Big Heart, BigDan – You will be missed.


“Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?” ~ Terry Pratchett

417911_10151931447914616_80351707_nWe are only guaranteed this moment in life and no other.
What is done is past and what is future is never promised.
Despite all our best judgments of perpetuity and likelihood of tomorrow, it is no more a reality than five minutes from now.

Taking that for granted is the single greatest mistake we make in life.

Traveling about in this world and these times, it is easy to be removed from the ebb and flow of living— the death, destruction, birth, rebirth— the life cycles that go on around us constantly but to which we have fallen asleep. Occasionally, we are called to remember that life is a fragile thing and despite our best efforts, it is no more ours than anything on this earth we might claim for ourselves. And for us, this is a day that we awaken to the truism that our time on this earth is precious and the people we share our time with are even more so.

It is with heavy hearts that we celebrate and honor the life of one of our Flight Family, Andrew “BigDan” Warnock, who was taken far too soon.

However as much as we want to wax poetic and bemoan the loss of such an amazing friend, co-worker, and individual, we also know that if there is anyone who truly lived and taught us what is important in life, it is BigDan. What made Magic-Flight so special was so much of what he contributed on a daily basis with his quirky sense of humor and compassionate geniality. He was the kind of person that made you realize that truly good people do exist in the world.


The last piece of code BigDan wrote at Magic-Flight

So we take this day to remember some of the magical things that BigDan brought to our lives because while he was a co-worker, he was always so much more than that. He was friend and family and we want to remember the good parts as we navigate through the absence his passing has left in our lives.

Back in our fledgling days before we rented a vending machine, BigDan would bring in snacks and set it up on his desk for anyone to come and get sustenance. Of course you had to pay (you’ve got to keep such enterprises sustainable, yes?) and if you didn’t pay, you were forever marked as a “deadbeat” on the white board. Even so, no one got turned away from “BigDan’s Snack Shack” no matter how much of a “dead beat” they were.


Of course that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what joviality he brought to our daily grind. When BigDan was in IT, he once programmed all the computers in Magic-Flight to play a loop of Spanish Flea at the same time. So there it was, no matter where you were or what you were doing, you were subjected to the silliest loop of Spanish Flea on YouTube, or possibly in existence.


The time BigDan changed up his everyday wear of jeans and suspenders (and a baseball cap) and walked around Magic-Flight shirtless still makes us laugh. Almost as much as the daily artistic renditions of a co-worker’s face that would appear around the “Annex” (Andrew’s humble abode at Magic-Flight) as well as all his other myriad doodles (like “Dr. Acula” and his perfect cats drawn from unexpected templates). And right along with many of the strangely satisfying conversations that would surface when he was around— like what your secret super power would be. While in theory this would be a rather typical conversation (invisibility, flying…) only BigDan would come up with a super power that instantly makes you laugh (he may or may not have chosen the super power of uncontrollable pleasure at his command). We feel like with all the actual joy he chose to bring to the world daily, it’s quite fitting that in the context of such a conversation, he would choose to give the world bliss at any given moment because that was, for all we can tell, what his actual super power was.

IMG_14831An accomplished banjo player and whiskey aficionado, BigDan would probably have us do little more than listen to some excellent blue grass and folk music (with or without suspenders on). And we would honor him no less than with a 21 Nerf Gun salute because that is the way that he would have wanted it even though he’d surely understand us feeling the exact opposite. And while not everyone appreciated his choice in automobile, we’re pretty sure we’ll never look at a beater Volkswagen van the same way again. Because only BigDan would order a custom wooden shift knob from us to put in a van with half the floor missing and the rest held together with duct tape.

Sharing what little snippets we can about him seems so inadequate a way to memorialize someone who was so profoundly inspirational and brought so much joy to everyone’s lives. We don’t often talk about what goes on behind our doors or the people that work within our walls, but if there was ever a person who symbolized the fun and joy that make Magic-Flight magic, it would have been BigDan.

Rest in peace, dear friend. You were and always will be loved.

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana LAUNCH

For any of you who may have been reading along here since last summer, you may remember our post about former employees Becky and Andrea, and how we love the opportunity to support our Flight Crew in fulfilling their larger life goals and personal dreams. Recently our Marketing Director, Erik, one of our oldest and most talented employees, made the great leap to focus on taking his project,, to the next level with the release of a new book titled “GREEN: A Field Guide to Marijuana.”


Nugshots is well known in the industry for photographing and showcasing images of marijuana buds in extremely high detail. Each of their images are shot and expertly color corrected to match how a nug would actually look if viewed under a bright white LED light. With their strict standards and incredible attention to detail, Nugshots is changing the way we look at marijuana.

Their new book “Green” is an elegant hardcover homage to California’s favorite plant, where “170 different strains are lovingly depicted with hyper-detailed photography alongside essential stats about lineage, flavor, high, and medicinal uses.” A “Primer” section explores marijuana culture, and explains the botany that makes each strain unique while, of course, weaving all of this information into the book with expertly crafted photos.

Next week, thousands flock to Denver, CO to enjoy the 4/20 celebrations, including the popular High Times Cannabis Cup. Formerly held each year in Amsterdam, The Cannabis Cup has been held in Denver since the state decided to legalize Marijuana in 2012. The Cup spans 3 days, and offers 700+ vendors, 3 levels of VIP experiences, and world class music entertainment. It has been called “the biggest 420 party on the planet.” The event draws enthusiast from around the world, many of which pay top dollar to participate in VIP curated experiences, such as all inclusive bus tours of the best dispensaries in town. Between Colorado’s fully legal status, and the presence of this major industry event there, many now consider Denver to be the new world capitol for legal Marijauna.   If you’re not traveling to Denver this April, check out some DIY ideas for throwing a 420 party.

It is during this auspicious weekend that the Magic-Flight team will travel to Denver to help support Nugshots in celebrating the release of their book “Green” at The William Havu Gallery. The gallery, established in 1973, is one of only a handful of top-tier contemporary venues in Denver. Havu normally specializes in the work of advanced or mid-career artists, most of whom work in Colorado or the Southwest. We are so proud of Erik and his commitment to high quality design, and are honored to have an opportunity to continue supporting someone’s talent that contributed so much to establishing our brand. To that end, we are excited to announce that Magic-Flight will be sponsoring the Vapor Bar at this historic, first of its kind gallery event.

If you happen to be making the pilgrimage to Colorado yourself, come out and see us at:


William Havu Gallery
1040 cherokee street
Denver, CO 80204

Sunday, April 19th 6pm-10 pm
Monday, April 20th 11 am- 5 pm

More about the Event:

– Meet the authors
– Enjoy a gallery showing of Erik’s larger than life photographs, featuring 32
strains from the book
– Pre-order a copy of Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana and receive a free poster
– Have your pre-order signed with a special book plate to be permanently attached to your book before it is mailed to you
– Enjoy the free Magic-Flight sponsored vapor bar
– Enjoy open bar with beer sponsored by awesome local San Diego brewing company Lagunitas Ale.


Stop by and say hi, or visit to preorder your copy of this first of its kind book, Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana. This promises to be a great party, and we are just happy to be a part of it as Erik was a part of our history as well. We are proud to showcase this great example of the many ways that Magic-Flight as a company is “launching” people (i.e. enabling them to live their dreams) to their highest potential.

Light Smithing


” I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads.”

-Austin Powers

Despite having been around since the 50’s, we as a culture have truly just begun to scratch the surface of what can be accomplished with a laser in the hands of a skilled artisan with a little bit of vision. One such contemporary Laser Artist who inspires us is local light-smith Christopher Short.


profile-01 Christopher is a mixed media artist and incorporates graphic elements, laser engraving, and photography in his work. He creates surreal environments by juxtaposing prehistoric glyphs and flickering light projections, including video, strobes, flashlights, and custom laser hardware that he designs and builds. Christopher has exhibited in galleries in Glendale, Mesa, and Phoenix, Arizona, and in Santa Fe, New Mexico (the Museum of Contemporary Native Art) and sells his artwork at the Heard Museum Guild Indian Market in Phoenix, Prescott Indian Art Market, and Native Treasures Indian Arts Festival. In addition to working as an artist, Christopher teaches photography classes for other artists and produces videos for the Heard Museum and other Native American organizations. Christopher has won multiple ILDA awards (International Laser Display Association) for his laser artwork and is the only individual in the history of ILDA to sweep an awards category (Abstract Laser Shows).

The word laser started as an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. In 1957, Bell Labs, began a serious study of the infrared laser. Seperately, at a conference in 1959, Gordon Gould published the term LASER for the first time in his paper titled The Laser. Gould’s notes included possible applications for a laser, such as spectrometry, interferometry, radar, and nuclear fusion. He continued developing the idea, and filed a patent application in April 1959. The U.S. Patent Office denied his application, and awarded a patent to Bell Labs, provoking a twenty-eight-year lawsuit. Gould won his first minor patent in 1977, yet it was not until 1987 that he won the first significant patent lawsuit victory. The battle goes down in history as a tie for who deserves credit for discovering the laser. Despite the lengthly preamble, it wasn’t until May 16, 1960 that Theodore H. Maiman operated the first functioning laser, at Hughes Research Laboratories, Malibu, California ( once again, California proving to be lightyears ahead of the competition in the innovation department!)

It’s hard to believe that at one point, we had just one laser, which was used to engrave the aphorism onto the back of each Launch Box. As our team grew in expertise and skill sets, we eventually acquired the creativity and know-how to introduce additional lasers, and the the Laser Etch line of classic designs was born. Becoming ever more inspired by the potential of what lasers could do, we have taken every opportunity possible to build laser artistry and innovation into the fabric of who we are as a company.


Currently, lasers etch the aphorisms on the box to assist in weaving our driving values intomagicflightlasers3 the day to day of our products, lasers etch the patent into each box to help ensure that you are purchasing the genuine launch box and not a counterfeit, lasers add unique flare, as well as creating precise cavities for inlaying stones into the wood and acrylic, as seen in the artisan collection Launch Boxes, they are used to create jigs that hold the boxes in place while being lasered, and create surface patterns and textures throughout our product line. Much of the Artisan Collection consists of these experimentations, and the possibilities for further innovative implementation truly are endless.

For some time now, we have been experimenting with moving lasers out from behind the veil of the manufacturing process, to where they can be enjoyed more directly by you, the end user. Enter the Magic-Flight Lava Module, a premium Muad-Dib (pronounced maw-deeb) Concentrate Box fitted with it’s own miniature laser!

This tiny-yet-powerful addition to our Classic Muad-Dib Box emits a fan-shaped red stream of laser light that doubles as an indicator light to tell you that power to the unit has been engaged. Laser light’s differential illumination highlights variations in the structure of your vapor as it forms in the chamber, creating a rolling, lava lamp typed effect not unlike that 70”s sky of fire effect introduced when lasers first hit the disco scene.

Embrace change and Escape Pods

As the saying goes, “the only constant is change.” We couldn’t think of a more apt expression for all that transpires in our neck of the woodshop. It seems like daily we’re having conversations that end with, “we’re going through a transition right now…” and that is possibly an understatement. However, the great thing about being in the midst of change and learning and growing through it all is that you’re more receptive to suggestions on how to improve everything from the way you do business to what you’re selling (and of course all the internal, personal things in between).


When we talk about change, we like to think of you—our flight family— as our best guides through and to change. That’s why when we hear, see, or receive suggestions about how we can improve upon our products— your purchases— we take them to heart. Like our Escape Pod stash boxes!

“Hey Magic-Flight,” you said, “wouldn’t it be rad to include a partition for our ABV so we can save it but also have a spot for our pre-ground flowers?”
“Well hey now that’s an idea…” we thought.
“But how rad would it be if the Escape Pods fit the grinder?” you continued.
“Pretty rad, actually,” we agreed.


And thusly, we present to you the new and “improved” Escape Pod design with a “wodget” partition in between the circular grinder-sized spots. You can grind directly into the circular chambers using our finishing grinder or stash the micro grinder right there. The best part is, the wodget is removable in case you would like to use the whole storage space instead of with a partition. And, with magnetic “locking” feature, the lid should be more or less secure (for extra peace of mind we do sell rubber bands to make sure your stash is safe).

We love the innovation of changing things in a way that benefits people and makes their lives easier. When we hear suggestions with such a simple solution, it’s exciting. These are the parts that help us grow into a more intelligent, collaborative community of artisans. You might not know that through the process of refining the design on the Escape Pods, it actually took a redesign and greater intimacy of skill with some of our existing machines to create the wodget and chambers. Therein lies the excitement of crafting with an openness to change: the constant expansion of technique and ability simply through holding space for transformation.


As we continue forward with constant change, we welcome the ever-changing breadth of our community as well as the continued support from you all. We are ever constantly casting our net of like-minds and then tightening the circle that is our Flight Family. Through it all, know that we are here creating with you in mind and we hear the brilliance in your voices.