Magic-Flight at the Cannabis Cup


On June 28th, our crew set out heading north, traveling to San Francisco to set up camp at the much anticipated High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. This is an annual celebratory and informational event for vendors and patients alike to come together and we couldn’t wait to connect with our SF family!

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At our first stop, we pitched our solar powered tent at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.  After witnessing the care and intention that goes into the building of our products each day at our San Diego headquarters, we love being able to go out into the world and share what makes Magic-Flight products so special and unique.


Existing Launch Box customers who stopped by to say hello and share their stories with us received a free nano grinder, and we gave out over 50 nano grinders at the show. (and as many hugs!) We had the chance to connect with and educate some of the individuals who’s lives are made better through the use of our products, and  one owner of a broken Box was overjoyed to have it warranted on the spot, leaving the show with a brand new Launch Box!


We continued our battery recycling program, where Launch Box owners received 1 fresh new battery for every 2 consumed batteries they brought in. (our rechargeable batteries will perform for up to 500 re-charge cycles before being consumed, i.e no longer able to hold a charge and requiring replacement).


Across the walkway from our booth, Jonah from Dabstix kept the enthusiasm level high by hosting a huge giveaway, where excited fans scrambled for a chance to snatch up free goods from some of the great companies in attendance.


Our next stop was the Kush Expo in Aneheim, CA, where our team got to demo the Muad-Dib Concentrate Vaporizer for hundreds of attendees every day, creating quite the buzz around this new technology that makes vaporizing concentrates simple and convenient. Concentrate fans couldn’t wait to leave their delicate glass pieces and blowtorches at home and venture out with just our handheld Muad-Dib and a battery. We were honored that among all the amazing vapes out there, we where awarded the Kush Cup for Best Concentrate Vaporizer.


But one of our favorite moments of the entire adventure was getting to visit with Ray, the owner of Whelan’s Smoke Shop in Berkely, CA.  When we arrived, Ray dropped what he was doing to give us a warm welcome and share the following story.

When the Launch Box was first created back in 2009, our CEO and inventor, Forrest, would travel throughout the state and visit small local shops himself, hoping to strike up a good conversation with shop owners, and maybe have a chance to share his creation with them. Making the rounds with nothing but a Launch Box and a couple batteries in his pocket, his earnest demeanor and revolutionary product were enough to leave a lasting impression. At first, Ray was skeptical about this small handmade wooden Box, but he purchased a few kits anyway, making him the first shop in the Bay area to carry the Launch Box. After taking it home and giving it a try, he realized the potential and called Forrest the next day to place a larger order, citing only the need for packaging. Ray suggested a tin to store all the contents of the Launch Box kit in, Forrest agreed, and the rest is history. Even without any branding or packaging, Ray could see the huge potential of the Launch Box, which filled a real need for portability in a vaporizer for those desiring a healthier alternative to smoking.

We loved hearing his story and it made us all the more excited to show him the new Muad-Dib and newly designed packaging. He was thrilled to see how far we have come, and we all enjoyed the sense that we had come full circle by returning to where it all began to give Ray our newest offering. He was the first SF shop to carry the Launch Box, and is now the first store in the bay area to carry the Muad-Dib, and we look forward to continuing to grow together.

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