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Below is a write up of Magic-Flight from the folks at VaporNation.  They understand what it is that the people love so much about Magic-Flight. Read VaporNation full blog post here.

Magic Flightmagicmetatron
Just like the automobiles shipped out of Detroit’s GMC factories during the thriving days of the motor city, Magic Flight’s Launch Box is made and assembled in the good ol’ USA. With a carved wood body, hand-crafted by artisans based in San Diego, the design has remained largely unchanged since the inception of the first Launch Box portable vaporizer. While it may not feature LCD screens or space-age materials, the Launch Box vape excels at its one true function, vaping, with reliability and ease of use.
This is the perfect portable vaporizer for those used to more traditional means of dry herb consumption. The handcrafted wood offers a nice feel in the hand, and the operation is unrivaled in its simplicity. The unit consists of the box with a heating element and a battery, to use, simply push the battery until it clicks and you’re ready to vape. The units are guaranteed for life, to offer extra peace of mind when buying and feature easily replaceable components to ensure usage is never interrupted due to a small malfunction.
There’s a sort of mythos and almost cult-like following that surrounds the Launch Box. From the quotes which are printed on the every unit to the unique design and dedicated community, this is a vaporizer which offers an unparalleled level of communal appeal for the user.
Product Spotlight: Magic Flight Dry Herb vaporizer and Muad-Dib wax vape
This might be cheating, but Magic Flight’s entire line of vaporizers consists of two similar but very functional vapes, each engineered for specific purposes. The original Magic Flight is optimized for dry herb vaporization and handles the purpose with aplomb. The Muad-Dib is the newest iteration of the Launch Box vaporizer, featuring a heating chamber and brass rails which function at a higher temperature, to extract all the essential vapors from your concentrates and waxy oils.

Thank You VaporNation!


Between Sameness and Difference

We are all essentially the same, which is why we must respect our differences. As we go about making sense of our world, the ways in which we’re different inevitably dissolve into a recognition of sameness – life experience keeping us in oscillation, back and forth. In our explanation of the Aphorism of Respect, for Groups, we identified this fundamental dialectic of the ‘other’ as a positive and clear regard for another besides oneself. At Magic-Flight, these powerful insights guide our deliberate efforts to engage our customers and each other – as a community.


Our Premium Launch Box line features wood styles that have been chosen for their uniqueness and exquisite natural beauty. Cherry and Walnut woods are an exciting addition to the Launch Box line, traditionally these trees are used far less often in woodworking applications than their more popular counterparts, Maple and Pine. These Premium Boxes are cut and shaped by hand with the highest quality Select Grade A lumber in our wood shop by our line of gifted artisans. These delicate woods require the utmost care and attention during the shaping process and are of a higher caliber than our typical Maple Box. Soil, wind, sun and seasons all have an impact on the look and character of the wood. Please make note that due to these natural and distinctive qualities, there will be a wide range of hues and variances between each individual Premium Launch Box.   If you are really wanting something unique take a look at our Curly Maple Bare box in Connoisseurs Club…only a few more of these left and then they are gone forever.


You Asked and We Listened


One of our favorite things about traveling to trade shows each month is the time we get to spend visiting the local smoke shops and meeting the people who educate their customers about our products. In addition to the good memories we walk away with, we always enjoy asking the question of what we as a company can do to help make shop owners lives easier. The variety of feedback we get and insights into peoples businesses is always fascinating, but something that constantly came up was our little postcard, that we affectionately call the educard, a 4×6 postcard containing product information. We loved hearing that this was something that enables shop owners to breath easier in their lives, so we took it to the next level, creating this 4 fold brochure outlining all the features of our most beloved product, the Launch Box. Our shipping team needed a way to distinguish between the old postcard (the edu-card)  and the new expanded brochure, and the name “The Edu-Bro” was born.

We appreciate your interest in reading our little sneak peek into the inner workings around Magic-Flight Head Quarters in San Diego, California.  Here is some love from our customers we would like to share with you;

“Thanks for such customer-centric customer service. I praise Magic Flight to all my friends & associates, even advocating to those who don’t vape. The brilliance & simplicity of your Launch Box is complimented by the integrity of your business.”

“Thank you for loving what you do!
Thank you for keeping us healthy for more love & life!
The Magic Flight Company and Products are awesome!”

“Just wanted to drop you guys a line and thank you for the MFLB. This was my first dry herb vaporizer and after a few months of ownership, I can’t think of a good reason to get anything different. I have to say that I really prefer ‘analog’ devices to digital in general. So the entire philosophy behind the Launch Box is right up my alley. I have lived here in San Diego for about 20 years, so I feel like I have a ‘feel’ for the city and this is it. A little wood box that heats up my herbs and calms my mind after a day at the office. So thanks for the analog love. Keep up the good work!”

“Hello! I really appreciate the personal email instead of the usual automated stock replies most companies used. It’s a nice touch and it definitely makes me feel like I’m supporting a really cool, caring business. It’s refreshing to encounter customer service this great, especially for a major online retailer. I appreciate it.”

May the Fourth Be With You


May the Fourth….a sci-fi lovers favorite day in May.  The idea of the force is a fantastical dream but we might need all the hope we ever could imagine if Baba Vanga’s 2033 prediction comes to fruition.  However, although global warming might be smacking us in our faces in 2033 take comfort in knowing Baba Vanga’s world doesn’t end for thousands of years from now.

“The trains will start flying in 2018. They will be powered by the Sun. Earth will take a rest since they will stop extracting oil.”

Baba Vanga (1911-1996) was a blind Bulgarian mystic, clairvoyant, healer, and herbalist who spent most of her life in the Rupite area in the Kozhuh mountains. She went blind at the age of 12 after being swept away by a tornado and found after a long search with her sight failing due to the sand and dust in her eyes. Her extraordinary powers were said to come from her ability to see invisible creatures.

She has been widely credited with foreseeing:

  • Obama’s presidency (that the 44th US president would be black), though she also said he’d be the last president;
  • the Twin Tower terrorist attacks (“Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing”);
  • the tragic death of Princess Diana (“The last son of the man with the Prophet’s name Will bring Diana to her day of rest. At a distance they wander in frenetic grief Delivering a great people from ruin.”)

She also warned that in 2023 the Earth’s orbit would change and that by 2033, the polar ice would melt and oceans around the world will rise. It has been estimated that 80% of her predictions have come true. Believers and skeptics alike can take some comfort though then, that according to Baba Vanga the end of the world won’t happen until 5079.

While we cannot guarantee that vision of the future will come, we at Magic-Flight believe in our sustainable path carrying us into the future and looking to the force for inspiration.

Remember ~ Always Choose On The Basis Of Love

May The Force Be With You!

Gardeners and Seed Bombers- Which One are You?


photo by Avery Osajima

Immersed in Spring and tending our plants, some of us at Magic-Flight got to talking about the love of ritual as an act of creativity, and believe the old yogic saying “Where attention goes, prana flows”.  In other words, ritual is a good way to devote a little more of your attention to a particular issue or idea, which can produce noticeable shifts and new outcomes.

Ritual is nothing more than the act of bringing our attention to dwell upon the natural world and how our internal experience and the larger, collective, observable experience of the present moment can be held together momentarily in our awareness.   Try one of these to get inspired!

Seed Paper:seeds1
Try spending a few quiet moments outside in nature visualizing what you would like to see take root in your life, and write your intention on a piece of plantable seeded paper. Water and watch your intentions bloom alongside beautiful non invasive species of wildflowers.

Seed Boms:
When considering what we are collectively wanting to cultivate here at headquarters, Seedbombs keep coming to mind.seedbomb

A seed bomb is a ball of seeds held together in a matrix by a non-toxic, biodegradable material, making it easier to plant seeds in hard to reach places, such as empty lots found in most cities.

For equinox purposes, you can try holding your seed bomb, quietly infusing it with your intentions for the next season, before hurling it into your nearest abandoned lot or backyard dirt patch, imagining yourself “letting go” of your attachment to the outcome.

For us, seed bombs seems to be the right symbolic tool for what we are wanting more of at this time, which is surrender. To sow the seeds of our dreams, let them go, and really be able to rest in the knowledge that excessively controlling the process severely limits the potential for magic in the outcome.


Wisdom Card Wednesday: Communication is Reality


We speak regularly about the joy it brings us to receive your artwork and letters in the mail. Why? Because we are firm believers that

“Communication is  reality.”

What does this mean, and how does it relate to our taking pleasure in making room in our discussions for thoughtful voices from the community, even those of dissent? One of the basic assertions shared by both mythology and the comic book universe, and upheld byThe-Four-Agreements award winning graphic novels such as The Sandman, Fables, and Promethea, is the idea that every book, movie, or song ever written, fictional or non-fictional, gives birth to a new reality somewhere. Basically, to tell a story about something is to give it form in this world, and allow for others to begin to interact with your internal reality. An individual’s emotional reality (or inner story) affects their behavior in the present. In his famous book The Four Agreements, author Don Miguel Ruiz eloquently makes the point that each individual exists within their own dream, their own understanding of the moment. He reminds us that any ability to experience a shared sense of meaning about an event with another is an outcome of a large collection of agreements, or cultural norms. Agreements are at the core of any group or community, allowing for a sense of companionship on our journey and the possibility for cooperation in achieving shared goals.

In this regard, to cut off the flow of communication and expression is to dominate, and to allow for others to be fully expressed in their emotional truth is to consent to be in deeper, more reciprocal relation. Taking the time to communicate with compassion allows for outcomes to be arrived at rather than enforced, imparting the inherent joy of co-creation.

Our Wisdom Card Deck alongside the Spiral Vine Launch Box and Finishing Grinder

We experience the importance of this understanding every day here, as we attempt to dance in a coordinated manner towards the shared goal of continuing to help you to breathe easier and provide you with useful, beautiful, handmade products. This is why we have chosen to include this aphorism (one of more than 350) in our highly curated 33 card Deck of Essential Wisdom (seen here beside our Spiral Vine Launch Box in Walnut). If you already have the deck and have found it to be useful to you in your process, please let us know!

Wisdom Card Wednesday


“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field – I will meet you there.”

~ Rumi

The metaphoric field referred to above is, in fact, the place where all dualities merge back into oneness.

Many of us know the sweetness of dwelling in the expansiveness of non-dual reality, but we often find ourselves in situations that seem to prevent us from getting there. When it comes to inhabiting a more harmonious and fulfilling version of reality, communication is the pathway that will take us there.

We hear proverbs such as “In the beginning there was The Word.” Visionaries like Alex Grey and Terrance Mckenna have both spoken about perceiving a primordial language or code that functions as the building blocks of all possible life. It seems that, on this point, many religious and philosophical systems can agree – words are magic. Words create reality.

It is because of this awareness that we chose to partner with local consultants of Compassionate Communication (also referred to as Non Violent Communication, or NVC) to help us attend to our growing community’s emotional well-being, by proactively strengthening our communication skill set. Compassionate Communication is careful to say that it is not a new approach – it only seeks to remind us of what we know in our hearts to be true – that in our individual nature and our cultural context, we are all human beings who share the same basic human needs. Even in situations of apparent conflict, communication can quickly bring us from the surface experience of separation into the underlying reality that we are, in fact, attempting to get the very same needs met, but through different means as dictated by our individual life experiences and personalities.

We chose Compassionate Communication as the skill set to explore because of how its core assertion, that we all have the same basic wants and needs, aligns perfectly with our own philosophies regarding how to approach others:

“At the root, the desires of self and those of culture are always in deep alignment and agreement. The deepest desires of the self are always connected with the deepest desires of community and nature”

To practice this perspective is to walk with curiosity and compassion – qualities that can move us out of our own isolated experience of the moment, and into meaningful connection with all of life.

Cat Power

IG cannamelier cat PA

“You’ve got your own voice so sing
You’ve got two hands, let’s go and make anything
We all got rules we all have to break
We all have to make those mistakes”

-Cat Power, “Human Being”

We were recently enjoying Cat Power’s album, Sun, here in the office, when we came across this endearing photo by @cannamelier of, well, a different kind of Cat Power! This sparked a discussion of ‘Power’ in general – power versus empowerment, power versus strength.

Ultimately ‘Power’ is defined in terms of forces creating outward changes quickly, whereas ‘Strength’ has more to do with the ability to remain inwardly the same for long periods of time, regardless of outside forces. Empowerment refers to processes that increase the relative strength of a person or group.

As a community of artisans, almost every member of our Flight Crew has personally experienced the empowerment that comes from making things that empower others. And this is the key: the empowering of others. More than just making art for art’s sake, there is the recognition that the art itself must go beyond merely being art – it must be functional, useful.

This is the at the root of the famous quote “Real Artists Ship!” (Thank you, Steve Jobs). Unless someone is willing to actually buy it, use it, or it somehow makes their lives better, there is no value, no meaning, no greater purpose. Art is not made only for the artist’s sake, as in some form of self-pleasuring (<insert contextual joke here>); it is made for the real benefit of the audience. We make products – something of real benefit to people – and we want to ensure that those things are beneficial on many levels: beautiful as well as functional, serving mind, body, and spirit. That is our definition of authentic success.

At Magic-Flight, we have musicians and DJ’s creating sound experiences for others to participate in, as well as fine artists and craftsmen, regularly manifesting vision into form.  This occurs both in their own art, and in the creation of products to which they lend their skills. Over time, we have discovered that the archetypes of the artist and the magician are in fact one. Each employs means of the other (visual, metaphysical) to shape reality. To know yourself as the origin of your own experiences is, in our opinion, the true basis of personal empowerment.

The Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Aphorism


“Intimacy Implies Loyalty”

” I just received my new Muad-Dib box, and was wondering what does the quote on the back “Intimacy Implies Loyalty” mean? Is it about sex and monogamy? I thought Magic Flight was all about enabling choice! “


We believe above all in enabling choice and that there are a huge range of relationship arrangements that would constitute making good choices.  The aphorism “Intimacy Implies Loyalty” is actually, like the aphorisms that accompany our Launch Box and Power Adapter, an observation about what is necessary to have a healthy community.  In this aphorism, the notion of “implies” can go both ways: just as intimacy naturally goes with loyalty, loyalty goes with Intimacy.  Another way to think of it is that if you are interested in receiving loyalty from someone, then it is a good idea to nurture an intimate relationship with them, and if you desire closeness with others, you will want to offer them your loyalty.

Intimacy is an often misunderstood, yet essential part of experiencing meaning in life.  The word intimate is often used as shorthand to mean a sexual relationship, when in fact this is just a small part of Intimacy.  Eastern thought promotes a more accurate use of the word when it describes enlightenment as an intimacy with all things.  In order to understand why this aphorism is so important, and why we believe it to be essential to sustaining a healthy community, it helps to more fully understand what intimacy is.  Intimacy is a familiar and close connection with another as a result of a bond that is formed through knowledge and experience of the other.  Genuine intimacy in a relationship requires candid dialogue, transparency, vulnerability, and reciprocity.  By embracing these values, we move beyond simple rapport building to create the conditions for trust to evolve (trust being a necessary ingredient of loyalty).  Loyalty is very important to the integrity of any group.  A desire for loyalty is the desire to see a group persist over time.  It is the hope that amidst the myriad choices a person is faced with each day (for example, the choice between 40 different brands of toothpaste) we will choose to return to a particular person, group, or product again and again.  The successful long-term strategy for those hoping to receive loyalty from a customer, employee, or friend, is to be trustworthy, and nurture that close, personal connection, showing up for the spontaneous, unscripted interactions that characterize an authentic relationship.

Especially when considering intimacy as necessary for loyalty to a business, It is important to understand the difference between intimate relationships and strategic relationships, or relationships of exchange.  Although intimacy may exist in a strategic relationship, it is governed by an agenda of which the other person may not be aware.  This happens when a person seeks to become close to someone in order to get something from him or her that might not be offered so freely if it did not appear to be an intimate exchange, and if the ultimate strategy had been visible from the beginning.  A 1982 study by Mills and Clark found that emotionally intimate relationships are much more robust and can survive considerable and even ongoing disagreements.  Think for example, of the great variety of small and large disagreements that make up the life of a large family.  Despite this, members often continue coming together in times of joy and hardship to experience life’s happenings within the context of the familial group across an individual’s entire lifetime.  Exchange relationships on the other hand have been found to be fragile, easily breaking down when there is any amount of disagreement.  An example of this would be a once local customer to a health food store who decides never to shop there again after learning that they mistreat their employees.  We see this fragility evidenced in the way that business owners invest a great deal of time in training new employees, making it important to try to keep those people around long enough for their newly developed skills to be used in service of the company.  This agreement that the employer will provide help in meeting our basic needs for food and shelter in exchange for our time, skills, and labor, is proven to not be enough to motivate people to give a company their loyalty or give their job their all.  Businesses with a high degree of turnover are likely relying too heavily on the strategic aspect of the relationship, with not enough (or any!) attention paid to developing real bonds of connection between team members.  Marriages tend to disintegrate when there is insufficient energy invested in maintaining intimacy in the relationship and members of the union fall back on the strategic aspects of the partnership to ensure that it continue.

 Given how unstable we know a strictly strategic relationship to be, it is clear to see why if we wish to have lasting friendships, love relationships, employment, or customers, or desire any bond to persist in time, we should open ourselves to developing genuine closeness with those around us.  People want to be seen and acknowledged for who they are as individuals, not just what value they can add to others existing agendas.  Valuing the personal bond provides a framework for the resolution of misunderstandings that enables conflicts to become opportunities for dialogue and increased understanding that may even strengthen the relationship. So although Intimacy is worthwhile in and of itself for the layers of meaning and fulfillment that close personal connection brings to life, it is also important because it is a requirement in building trust. Without trust, loyalty is not possible, and no group can persist in time for long enough to make a positive difference to each other or the world at large.  We here at Magic-Flight believe in the value and benefit of defining our relationships in terms of intimacy and loyalty whenever possible.  This is why we have chosen to print this particular aphorism on the back of all of our new concentrate boxes.







The Power Adapter 2.0 Aphorism

PA back for blog

“Possibilities connect people;
Fear separates them.
Always ask questions.”


An Aphorism is a short and precise statement of an essential principle or truth. The aphorism on the Power Adapter 2.0 consists of two statements.  The first statement, in two parts, is an observation (possibilities connect people; fear separates them).  The second statement is an injunction (call to action): always ask questions. This is similar to the existing aphorism on the back of the Launch Box.  For comparison, consider that the MFLB aphorism is in three parts.  The first sentence of the MFLB aphorism is essentially a definition (love is that which enables choice), the second one is a theorem (love is always stronger than fear), and the last one in an injunction (always choose on the basis of love).  Together, the aphorism on the PA and the one on the MFLB represent entry points to a comprehensive system of life enhancing philosophy.

The first part of the PA aphorism makes an observation about what brings people together.  People are brought together by a perception of possibility. This works particularly well when that possibility is something that people can actually partake of, see, and connect to, something that they can really benefit by.  Even without personal benefit, (for example, for possibilities which go beyond the personal) people will often want to be involved for altruistic reasons.  It is natural for people to want to connect with something that is genuinely larger than themselves, something meaningful, beautiful, and ideal. If you want to bring people together, then you will want to create possibility.  To do this, you need to create a vision of the future which is inclusive, which has the capacity to move forward and further common aims and dreams. You will want to create a sense of expansiveness. To even have hope for the future is to acknowledge possibility.  To the degree that the future is seen as open, we are all free to create something beneficial.

As such, the first part of the aphorism is about these observations.  It partially answers the question of ‘what is the “glue” that holds communities together?’.  Also, just to reinforce the basic idea, there is also considered the question of ‘what is corrosive to that glue?’.  For example, if you have fostered an environment where there’s a lot of judgement, fear, and reaction, where people do not see possibility because of what they think might happen, there is going to be created a feeling of isolation, of loneliness, of groups divided, of possibilities, hopes, and dreams lost.  If you see someone fostering an environment of fear, you know that they will, either intentionally or accidentally, split the community, to everyone’s detriment. The PA aphorism is therefore actually a rather deep observation about the essence of community and the fundamental things necessary to create any sort of community at all.

Having identified that possibility is a fundamental ingredient necessary to create community, the next natural question is: “what is it that creates possibility?”.  Asking questions creates possibilities.  It creates an opening for an answer.  It creates an opening for other questions that lead to genuin understanding.  It allows us to undo assumptions, and to essentially have the assumptions be cleared so that there is room for the truth to come out.  In any case, it is best to lead with a question. It is best to lead by first seeking to understand the here and now, to be truly and authentically present, before charging off into the future. There’s a book called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. One of the habits described in the book is to “seek first to understand, then to be understood”.  That particular idea, “seek first to understand”, is actually a reflection of a much deeper principle.  Its connected to the essence of creating possibility, of creating openness, and creating conversation.  By creating conversation and producing the opportunity for there to be new possibilities discovered, and new answers found, then that becomes the methodology by which a higher quality of conscious community can be created.

When we say “always ask questions”, we are promoting a process that encourages people to engage in those actions that create possibility, and thereby, to create community. By asking good questions, you can truly shift and improve the course of civilization.  This practice is the fundamental glue that holds society together.  It is up to us whether or not we choose to increase or decrease this connective glue in our communities and in our daily lives.  This opportunity has been given to all of us.