Introducing the Mahogany Muad-Dib


As lovers of both our craft, and the natural materials we use in creating, it is not uncommon to find our artisans perusing the lumberyards, on the hunt for the most unusual and special pieces of wood to create with. For some time now, our most veteran of artisans have been eager to have the opportunity to create some beautiful pieces out of Honduran Mahogany.

mahoganymuaddibSwietenia Macrophylla, also known as Genuine Mahogany has been highly sought after by artisan woodworkers the world over for its color, chattoyance, workability, and resistance to moisture and rot. These qualities have historically made Mahogany a natural choice for many projects, including boat building, cabinetry and furniture making. The ability to resist moisture and decay also make it an ideal choice for the building of humidors, (cigar boxes) contributing to its popularity in areas of the world where cigars are produced. It is also often used in the making of guitars, producing a deeper, more resonant sound in the body of the instrument.

Wood carvers and builders alike enjoy the machinability of Mahogany over many other types of wood. In Mahogany, an artisan finds a responsiveness to the tools of the trade,(chisels, saws, drills) and the wood itself seems an eager participant in the creative process. Despite all these glowing characteristics, it is also an endangered wood, meaning that great care is needed to ensure the sustainability and integrity of our supply. We want to know that these majestic trees will continue to exist and be enjoyed by many generations to come. Thankfully, we were able to import our supply through a plantation that grows its trees in a legal and sustainable manner, passing CITES Appendix II standards for the importing of raw lumber into the country. This tightly regulated process insures our Honduran Mahogany to be of the most reputable origin.



When looking at Mahogany, an experienced wood worker will be able to tell just by observing the color and texture, weather the wood in question can truly be called Genuine Mahogany. This means that the tree was either grown in its native environment, or cultivated in such a way that preserves its natural personality profile. When a tree has been transplanted to a new environment or climate, it often needs to adapt to survive, taking on character traits belonging to trees native to the new region. An example of this is Honduran Mahogany grown in Mexico, which evidences a distinctly different color. To our delight, we observed the most favorable characteristics in the wood, indicating our source’s growth and harvesting practices to be of high standards. The result in well cultivated wood evidencing all the most desirable features of Genuine Mahogany.

A few weeks back, we began sifting through our lumber, selecting the very best pieces with the intent to produce a small run of Mahogany Muad-Dib concentrate boxes. We carefully sorted through each piece for consistency in figure and color for the sake of delivering a premium product. It was our first time doing a run of this wood, and despite mahogany’s reputation for machining remarkably well in relation to other hardwoods, we were pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it was to work with, even remarking at some point along the way:

“This stuff was made to be turned into Launch Boxes!”
Each and every Muad-Dib produced in this limited release was hand run from raw stock to finished product by two of our most senior artisans as a special project and as such is truly a labor of love. Visit our Artisan Collection to get yours while supplies last.

New and Improved Dirt


If instead of saucers, UFOs looked more like breasts, I’ll bet there’d be a lot more people trying to take pictures of them.”
― Jarod Kintz,

You tell me you love me, but I’m not sure you know what love is, or how fast it flies, or how much it resembles a UFO, or what kind of weapon you’d use to shoot it down.”

― Jarod Kintz,

Our Flagship product, the Magic-Flight Launch Box, has long been praised for being simultaneously Healthy, Stealthy, Wealthy and Wise. Whenever possible, we like to continue to use these adjectives as guidelines for all new products that we develop. One day last year, our founder walked into the workshop and gathered our engineers together to introduce the prototype for his latest creation, The UFO, an under-cover water pipe.


The idea was simple. Everyone enjoys the smooth draw of vapor cooled through a water pipe. However, not everyone wants to keep a bulky and breakable glass piece around the house, much less take it out in public. Thus, our founder began to experiment with creating a discreet, hand-held, non-breakable kit that fits in one’s pocket or purse. Thus the UFO was born. The Bamboo disc stealthily sits on top of just about any drinking glass or coffee mug.


Within seconds, it transforms the vessel from a regular cup into a water pipe, and then back again in the blink of an eye. We all had fun taking the prototypes home and testing them on various cups and mugs in order to find the perfect size. And, of course, as is our custom here at Magic-Flight, we tested it out in the field, experimenting with its furtive versatility.

The verdict? Yep, it’s stealthy! A curios bystander could even hold the UFO kit in his hands and still have no idea what he is looking at. We also relish the fact that the UFO is not actually a filtration device until it is assembled and paired with a glass, making it perfect for travel. As one can see, discretion was considered throughout the design process, from the overall design to the little details. One such feature is the series of perforations at the tip of the down-stem that serve to muffle the sound of the bubbles, altering it from a tell-tale gurgle to a barely-audible fizz. When considering such care and attention to detail, it is quite obvious why we take pride in this innovative addition to the bubbler family.


Once the UFO’s functionality was dialed in, all that was left was determining the name to laser onto the bamboo disc. Upon showing a working sketch to our founder via text, we were pleased to find the tireless experimenter taking an uncharacteristic, mid-day stroll on the beach. We were even more amused at his ingenuity in using the tools at hand to quickly convey his suggestions for how to proceed with the task of surface design.


The first photo, accompanied by the text “not sure if you can see my dirt sketch”, required further clarification. However, the subsequent photo, captioned with “I upgraded to some new and improved dirt”, not only put smiles on our faces, but also got the message across. Who doesn’t like new and improved dirt? And with that, the UFO (Unnamed Filtration Object) began its journey out of the invention pile and into your hands. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Far Side.First dirt molecule

Introducing The Water Pipe Whip

The Water Pipe Whip (WPW) is a new and exciting way to connect your Magic-Flight Launch Box to your favorite water pipe. Using your Launch Box with water filtration will cool the vapor and allow for smoother, larger draws. We are very pleased with the evolution of this design as it allows for more flexibility and freedom in getting copious amounts of tasty vapor with your Launch Box.

The Water Pipe Whip comes in three wood styles: Maple, Cherry and Walnut. The components are hand crafted and fit together snugly without the use of any adhesives. This makes it possible to disassemble the WPW for cleaning when necessary.

The Water Pipe Whip connects to a 14mm glass downstem through a custom whip attachment. Additionally a fitter is available through our website for the larger 18mm size downstems. Please note that all Water Pipe Whips come with a small tube of non toxic silicon gel.  Use of this gel prevents the glass end of the WPW from getting stuck inside the glass downstem of your water pipe and will insure a longer life for your product.

The Water Pipe Whip comes with our comprehensive Lifetime Functional Warranty. If anything should happen to the product during use, even through user error, we will replace it and ensure that you receive the highest level of customer care that we can offer.

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Introducing The Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder


Each and every Finishing Grinder passes through sets of hands in order to get to yours.  Watch our artisans in action above.

We have just released The Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder which is special purpose built specifically for the Launch Box. The grinder will come in your choice of Maple, Cherry or Walnut woods. It fits directly over the bowl and grinds dry herbals to a fine powder-like consistency for optimum high performance draws. The grind level rivals that of a coffee grinder but has many more advantages: 1) its small size — very portable, 2) stealth (no noise when in use), and 3) the ability to grind one LB loading at a time (or less!) with no loss.

Our new grinder creates the type of micro-fine grind ideal for use in the Launch Box. It’s intuitive design allows it to perch on top of the bowl of the Box and deposit the ground herbal material directly into your trench for the perfect session each and every time.  Instead of using a shredding technique like the Nano Grinder or other metal grinders, with The Finishing Grinder, the herbal material is pushed against the grinding surface and grated into your trench, resulting in an extremely fine grind, ideal for the MFLB.

In other respects, our new grinder is a bit like our Nano Grinder — very small, compact and similar in function, except that instead of being a shredder, its internal action is more like a grater. By producing a grind particulate that is 2X to 4X as fine, in diameter, there is an increase of at least 10X the surface area, which produces a dramatic difference in the quality and volume of each vapor draw. Launch Box Connoisseurs will definitely appreciate the increased efficiency, quality, and variety of vapor effects that this new tool unlocks in the Box!

The term “finishing” in the grinder’s name stems from a common woodworking term. Finishing is essentially the last set of steps that are taken to prepare a wood for use.  The Finishing Grinder received its name because it offers the highest refinement and the most perfect portable grind currently possible for the Launch Box.

The Nano Grinder is the end of the road for grind fineness from a portable metal grinder, there are no more improvements we can make for it to produce a finer grind. The Finishing Grinder picks up where the Nano Grinder leaves off, for the absolutely best portable grind for your Launch Box.

It is important to note that pre-grinding before loading The Finishing Grinder is only necessary for moist material.  If your material is dry, you can simply break it up by hand and use it directly with The Finishing Grinder. It is imperative that dry material is used in The Finishing Grinder or else buildup and jamming will occur very quickly.  If this buildup does occur, using a Q-tip dipped in 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and scrubbing the grinding surface will quickly remove it.

As with all of our flagship products, The Finishing Grinder carries a Lifetime Warranty.  It comes packaged in a stylish felt-lined tin for ease of transport and storage.