Valentine Special~ Limited Edition Cherry Launch Box and Wood Stem ~ $89!


Always Choose On The Basis Of Love

As might be expected from looking at a Launch Box, we’ve done a lot of thinking on the topic of Love. We believe that Love is more enabling of choice than any other emotion. It’s an integral part of the Magic–Flight community and is infused into each product we design and make by hand.

Around this time of year, romantic love—the chocolate-and-roses kind—seems to draw the collective attention, but we want to invite you to take some time to appreciate and celebrate Love in all of the forms it takes.

Handcrafted with love in San Diego, CA, USA

The Laser Etch Line: Original Series

We’re proud of the originals in our Laser Etch Line, a design initiative, beautifying the cover lids of the Magic-Flight Launch Box.

The laser artisans at Magic Flight cooked up six geometric designs to choose from. Labyrinth, The Tree Of Life, Metatron’s Cube, The Flower Of Life, Star Knot, & The Celtic Tree of Life.

Each design represents intricate ancient geometric patterns, exploring the infinite and ever-circulating flow of space and time. From Greek Myth to ancient Egyptian walls, these sacred designs have been used cross-culturally.

Two of the most desired of the designs are The Tree of Life and Metatron’s Cube. The Tree of Life is a motif that has been used in religion, philosophy, mythology, and popular culture around the world since ancient times as a symbol of immortality, infinite interconnectedness, wisdom, and life-nourishment. To this day, The Tree of Life is referenced by many artists, and even represents the scientific organization of evolutionary relationships between all living organisms. Our specific Tree of Life is derived from Kabbalah, a mystical faction of Judaism, in which it represents the process by which the Universe came into being as well as man’s place within the Universe.

Metatron’s Cube is a highly geometric aspect of the Flower of Life that was first discovered by a medieval Italian mathematician. The figure, Metatron, is the ultimate communicator between the divine and humans in a variety of apocryphal texts, and many believe his cube to contain sacred geometry that will allow us to understand every living being. The cube contains the five three-dimensional “Platonic solids” which represent the five elements: fire, water, earth, air, and ether. Not only do these shapes each fit perfectly inside a sphere with identical faces, edges, and angles, but also it has been proven that their forms are the basis of the entire periodic table of elements. Within the complex shape, one can see a hexagram, a symbol of duality, and a star tetrahedron, which is thought to be the energy field around each of our bodies. Another structural beauty to Metatron’s Cube reveals a hexagon, a shape found in naturally occurring phenomena such as honeycombs and flowers, implying that there is a mysterious universal order. Within this abstruse design, you will explore the synchronicity of the universe, and encounter the mathematical, natural, and metaphysical unity between yourself and the world around you.

All  Laser Etch patterns can be ordered in Maple, Cherry, or Walnut wood.

VaporNation Gets Us

Below is a write up of Magic-Flight from the folks at VaporNation.  They understand what it is that the people love so much about Magic-Flight. Read VaporNation full blog post here.

Magic Flightmagicmetatron
Just like the automobiles shipped out of Detroit’s GMC factories during the thriving days of the motor city, Magic Flight’s Launch Box is made and assembled in the good ol’ USA. With a carved wood body, hand-crafted by artisans based in San Diego, the design has remained largely unchanged since the inception of the first Launch Box portable vaporizer. While it may not feature LCD screens or space-age materials, the Launch Box vape excels at its one true function, vaping, with reliability and ease of use.
This is the perfect portable vaporizer for those used to more traditional means of dry herb consumption. The handcrafted wood offers a nice feel in the hand, and the operation is unrivaled in its simplicity. The unit consists of the box with a heating element and a battery, to use, simply push the battery until it clicks and you’re ready to vape. The units are guaranteed for life, to offer extra peace of mind when buying and feature easily replaceable components to ensure usage is never interrupted due to a small malfunction.
There’s a sort of mythos and almost cult-like following that surrounds the Launch Box. From the quotes which are printed on the every unit to the unique design and dedicated community, this is a vaporizer which offers an unparalleled level of communal appeal for the user.
Product Spotlight: Magic Flight Dry Herb vaporizer and Muad-Dib wax vape
This might be cheating, but Magic Flight’s entire line of vaporizers consists of two similar but very functional vapes, each engineered for specific purposes. The original Magic Flight is optimized for dry herb vaporization and handles the purpose with aplomb. The Muad-Dib is the newest iteration of the Launch Box vaporizer, featuring a heating chamber and brass rails which function at a higher temperature, to extract all the essential vapors from your concentrates and waxy oils.

Thank You VaporNation!


Between Sameness and Difference

We are all essentially the same, which is why we must respect our differences. As we go about making sense of our world, the ways in which we’re different inevitably dissolve into a recognition of sameness – life experience keeping us in oscillation, back and forth. In our explanation of the Aphorism of Respect, for Groups, we identified this fundamental dialectic of the ‘other’ as a positive and clear regard for another besides oneself. At Magic-Flight, these powerful insights guide our deliberate efforts to engage our customers and each other – as a community.


Our Premium Launch Box line features wood styles that have been chosen for their uniqueness and exquisite natural beauty. Cherry and Walnut woods are an exciting addition to the Launch Box line, traditionally these trees are used far less often in woodworking applications than their more popular counterparts, Maple and Pine. These Premium Boxes are cut and shaped by hand with the highest quality Select Grade A lumber in our wood shop by our line of gifted artisans. These delicate woods require the utmost care and attention during the shaping process and are of a higher caliber than our typical Maple Box. Soil, wind, sun and seasons all have an impact on the look and character of the wood. Please make note that due to these natural and distinctive qualities, there will be a wide range of hues and variances between each individual Premium Launch Box.   If you are really wanting something unique take a look at our Curly Maple Bare box in Connoisseurs Club…only a few more of these left and then they are gone forever.


Breaking News: Multiple UFO Sightings Across the US!


UntitledUFO invasion proves all Magic-Flight vaporizers are compatible with this handy, portable water filtration device and pairs perfectly with both the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box and Launch Box….Worldwide – have you witnessed a UFO?  Have you been abducted yourself and taken to another place?   You are not alone!

Our newest concentrate vaporizer, JaK D’Rippa, also is easily filtered with the UFO.  Cool down your vapor with any pint glass – instantly.

Magic-Flight’s UFO and San Diego ~ sightings being reported…take a look at the footage that turned us into believers.

Enjoy water-cooled vapor wherever life may take you.   Where do you go with your UFO? ~ Magic-FlightUFO Sightings Combo

Handmade With Love

When Magic-Flight was just starting out, our first move after getting the functionality locked in was to hire a few people to help build launch boxes out of our tiny residential garage. We were blessed to be able to grow organically, in such a way where all of the original employees came to the company by word of mouth, as friends of friends. As such, there has always been a particular family kind of vibe, including similar values.

We’re proud to say that our products are handmade with Love by artisans in San Diego – which is truly a rarity in the quickly-expanding vaporizer industry.  We make our products from wood because we believe in sustainability and being as eco-conscious as possible.  We offer a lifetime functional warranty on our vaporizers, and provide world-class, authentic customer service.

Lately, we have been looking back at the past decade pondering – where has the time gone…..looking at our  NY Times review from 2 years ago and thinking – that seems like last week!  Magic-Flight is ever thankful for the hardworking employees who show up everyday ready to help the world breath easier.  Coupled with our loyal vape community, Magic-Flight looks forward to the days ahead with our new products as well as the OG of them all….the Maple Launch Box.


Embrace change and Escape Pods

As the saying goes, “the only constant is change.” We couldn’t think of a more apt expression for all that transpires in our neck of the woodshop. It seems like daily we’re having conversations that end with, “we’re going through a transition right now…” and that is possibly an understatement. However, the great thing about being in the midst of change and learning and growing through it all is that you’re more receptive to suggestions on how to improve everything from the way you do business to what you’re selling (and of course all the internal, personal things in between).


When we talk about change, we like to think of you—our flight family— as our best guides through and to change. That’s why when we hear, see, or receive suggestions about how we can improve upon our products— your purchases— we take them to heart. Like our Escape Pod stash boxes!

“Hey Magic-Flight,” you said, “wouldn’t it be rad to include a partition for our ABV so we can save it but also have a spot for our pre-ground flowers?”
“Well hey now that’s an idea…” we thought.
“But how rad would it be if the Escape Pods fit the grinder?” you continued.
“Pretty rad, actually,” we agreed.


And thusly, we present to you the new and “improved” Escape Pod design with a “wodget” partition in between the circular grinder-sized spots. You can grind directly into the circular chambers using our finishing grinder or stash the micro grinder right there. The best part is, the wodget is removable in case you would like to use the whole storage space instead of with a partition. And, with magnetic “locking” feature, the lid should be more or less secure (for extra peace of mind we do sell rubber bands to make sure your stash is safe).

We love the innovation of changing things in a way that benefits people and makes their lives easier. When we hear suggestions with such a simple solution, it’s exciting. These are the parts that help us grow into a more intelligent, collaborative community of artisans. You might not know that through the process of refining the design on the Escape Pods, it actually took a redesign and greater intimacy of skill with some of our existing machines to create the wodget and chambers. Therein lies the excitement of crafting with an openness to change: the constant expansion of technique and ability simply through holding space for transformation.


As we continue forward with constant change, we welcome the ever-changing breadth of our community as well as the continued support from you all. We are ever constantly casting our net of like-minds and then tightening the circle that is our Flight Family. Through it all, know that we are here creating with you in mind and we hear the brilliance in your voices.

Welcome to our Store Locator

Have you ever been sitting at home after perusing the Interwebs and thought to yourself, “It is high time I go out and get myself a Magic-Flight Launch Box?!” Unless you’re some kind of patient, waiting for the postal worker can be such a bummer when you just want your vaporizer now. And who can forget the daily hunt for your spy camera—er—Launch Box?

Okay, it’s not that bad, but it could all be avoided if you only knew where to go…

Being that we thrive on instant gratification almost as much as you do, something had to be done to help our future (and current) Launch Box owners find Magic-Flight gear as efficiently as possible. From the workings of this premise, we bring you: The Store Locator!

store locator

Yes, it’s true! The team at Magic-Flight worked hard to streamline yet another process of your in-Flight experience and humanize one more element of your vaporizing quest. By populating a map with some of your nearest and most Magic-Flight friendly retailers, you can submit your location-based query into the map and find the closest Magic-Flight retailers in your area.

It may be a long distance between you and the nearest Magic-Flight retailer even though there may be shops in your area that sell our products. With this first incarnation of the Store Locator, we have populated our map with some of the resellers that work most closely with us, carrying our full range of Magic-Flight products. By no means is this intended to leave anyone out and that’s why we’re dubbing this Store Locator a “beta” version.

store locator 2

With our beta Store Locator, you can know that while you’re not interacting with Magic-Flight directly, you are interacting with someone who has agreed to share our values in helping you, the vaporizing enthusiast, find the legitimate and complete Magic-Flight experience. These locations are as much connoisseurs of our boxes as they are committed to upholding the ideals and community vision of our products.

As we refine the process of maintaining a database of over ten thousand retail locations, we thank you, the Magic-Flight community, for all your suggestions in guiding us to better ways to support you. We continue to grow from humble beginnings and Launch Tubes, into a unified community of enthusiasts, and our Locator will be updated as we continue onward and upward. We hope you appreciate our Locator as much as we appreciate you and we definitely hope you find the Magic-Flight products you were looking for.

Ready to launch? Go check out our Store Locator (it’s live now)!