Go Boldly Where no Vaper Has Gone Before

Grab your space blankets and get ready to party! While it’s been hovering around the Magic-Flight galaxy for a bit, it’s more than time we bring the UFO back to the table– rather, pint glass. With all the practicality of the Orbiter, the UFO allows for the chilled, water filtration without the fragility and clumsiness of bringing a glass filter on the go.

The UFO can partner with your whip-ready vaporizer, our favorite herbal companion being the Muad-Dib with a mindful dab of our exclusive kava extract. Easy to set up, easy to use, and super portable, the UFO is the perfect accessory to your Magic-Flight set-up. And like every good conspiracy, the quick disassembly makes discretion a prime directive.

Our UFO comes in a travel sack, with two sizes of stems that adapt to your water cup depth, as well as a whip to connect your vaporizer and UFO, and a draw stem to inhale vapor through.  With a UFO bag slightly bigger than your cellphone (unless you went Galaxy or iPhone 6, then it’s the same size if not smaller), this is the easiest way to bring filtration with you no matter where you may find yourself ready to launch.

Reports are in: Magic-Flight UFO is ready for takeoff.

Now take one to your pint glass.

Cat Power

IG cannamelier cat PA

“You’ve got your own voice so sing
You’ve got two hands, let’s go and make anything
We all got rules we all have to break
We all have to make those mistakes”

-Cat Power, “Human Being”

We were recently enjoying Cat Power’s album, Sun, here in the office, when we came across this endearing photo by @cannamelier of, well, a different kind of Cat Power! This sparked a discussion of ‘Power’ in general – power versus empowerment, power versus strength.

Ultimately ‘Power’ is defined in terms of forces creating outward changes quickly, whereas ‘Strength’ has more to do with the ability to remain inwardly the same for long periods of time, regardless of outside forces. Empowerment refers to processes that increase the relative strength of a person or group.

As a community of artisans, almost every member of our Flight Crew has personally experienced the empowerment that comes from making things that empower others. And this is the key: the empowering of others. More than just making art for art’s sake, there is the recognition that the art itself must go beyond merely being art – it must be functional, useful.

This is the at the root of the famous quote “Real Artists Ship!” (Thank you, Steve Jobs). Unless someone is willing to actually buy it, use it, or it somehow makes their lives better, there is no value, no meaning, no greater purpose. Art is not made only for the artist’s sake, as in some form of self-pleasuring (<insert contextual joke here>); it is made for the real benefit of the audience. We make products – something of real benefit to people – and we want to ensure that those things are beneficial on many levels: beautiful as well as functional, serving mind, body, and spirit. That is our definition of authentic success.

At Magic-Flight, we have musicians and DJ’s creating sound experiences for others to participate in, as well as fine artists and craftsmen, regularly manifesting vision into form.  This occurs both in their own art, and in the creation of products to which they lend their skills. Over time, we have discovered that the archetypes of the artist and the magician are in fact one. Each employs means of the other (visual, metaphysical) to shape reality. To know yourself as the origin of your own experiences is, in our opinion, the true basis of personal empowerment.

The Tempest Voltaic Launch Box


“Small, incremental changes, occurring everywhere at once are always more conducive to creative expression than any suddenly realized grand sweeping events.” – Forrest Landry

In addition to artisan woodworkers coming to Magic-Flight from the worlds of carpentry and furniture making, we also have craftsmen and women who honed their skills in the worlds of metal fabrication and jewelry making, having mastered many of the same tools, but using a different medium. One such artisan saw one too many otherwise functional Launch Boxes with small cosmetic blemishes piling up around the shop and became inspired. What if a small lid scratch or chip in the wood could be transformed into a beautiful, unique design feature with a little creativity?

magicflightartisancollection2At night, she began experimenting with some of her own art materials, burning designs into the wood and setting gemstones in key places to accent the design or even perform necessary functions, such as replacing a loose cover lock. After building up a collection of these and showing them to the CEO, he too saw both the creativity and the sustainability evidenced in the pieces, and allocated a laser to help produce more consistent designs in the wood than hand burning could offer. A laser artisan was added to the team, who promptly set to work designing jigs to fit inside the laser beds that would hold the boxes steady while they received their artwork. And with that, a new department (the Industrial Design Department) was born. Among the many other functions Industrial Design performs, its artist roots are ever present.  Transforming Launch Boxes into art, in addition to using our tools and materials to create limited edition accessories is still a favorite operation. The problem solving skills honed in these fun, short-term projects go right back into our production process, ensuring innovative solutions to our engineering process, and also assuring that we are always engaging in the most beneficial possible balance of work and play.

tempestvoltaicWe began by introducing our Sacred Geometry laser lid line. Since we are always refining and improving our process, we quickly moved on to  creating our own signature style of art, a specific blend of mathematics, organic forms, and function. This was followed by designs with gemstone accents. Our Thrive Launch Box was our first release of a box that was based on our original experiments. By combining what we have learned on all the more simple boxes along the way, we are finally able to achieve the level of detail that we originally envisioned at an elevated level of craftsmanship.  A combination of lasered wood and lid design, multiple stones, and functional lid cut outs, the Thrive box was one of our best-selling boxes to date. This inspired us to continue evolving the complexity and precious quality of our Artisan Collection designs. This week we bring you the Tempest Voltaic Launch Box. Inspired by thunderstorms and evidencing a large genuine Blue Apatite and Opal gemstones, it is one of our most ambitious Launch Box designs to date. Visit the Artisan Collection to learn more and get yours while they last!

Introducing the Mahogany Muad-Dib


As lovers of both our craft, and the natural materials we use in creating, it is not uncommon to find our artisans perusing the lumberyards, on the hunt for the most unusual and special pieces of wood to create with. For some time now, our most veteran of artisans have been eager to have the opportunity to create some beautiful pieces out of Honduran Mahogany.

mahoganymuaddibSwietenia Macrophylla, also known as Genuine Mahogany has been highly sought after by artisan woodworkers the world over for its color, chattoyance, workability, and resistance to moisture and rot. These qualities have historically made Mahogany a natural choice for many projects, including boat building, cabinetry and furniture making. The ability to resist moisture and decay also make it an ideal choice for the building of humidors, (cigar boxes) contributing to its popularity in areas of the world where cigars are produced. It is also often used in the making of guitars, producing a deeper, more resonant sound in the body of the instrument.

Wood carvers and builders alike enjoy the machinability of Mahogany over many other types of wood. In Mahogany, an artisan finds a responsiveness to the tools of the trade,(chisels, saws, drills) and the wood itself seems an eager participant in the creative process. Despite all these glowing characteristics, it is also an endangered wood, meaning that great care is needed to ensure the sustainability and integrity of our supply. We want to know that these majestic trees will continue to exist and be enjoyed by many generations to come. Thankfully, we were able to import our supply through a plantation that grows its trees in a legal and sustainable manner, passing CITES Appendix II standards for the importing of raw lumber into the country. This tightly regulated process insures our Honduran Mahogany to be of the most reputable origin.



When looking at Mahogany, an experienced wood worker will be able to tell just by observing the color and texture, weather the wood in question can truly be called Genuine Mahogany. This means that the tree was either grown in its native environment, or cultivated in such a way that preserves its natural personality profile. When a tree has been transplanted to a new environment or climate, it often needs to adapt to survive, taking on character traits belonging to trees native to the new region. An example of this is Honduran Mahogany grown in Mexico, which evidences a distinctly different color. To our delight, we observed the most favorable characteristics in the wood, indicating our source’s growth and harvesting practices to be of high standards. The result in well cultivated wood evidencing all the most desirable features of Genuine Mahogany.

A few weeks back, we began sifting through our lumber, selecting the very best pieces with the intent to produce a small run of Mahogany Muad-Dib concentrate boxes. We carefully sorted through each piece for consistency in figure and color for the sake of delivering a premium product. It was our first time doing a run of this wood, and despite mahogany’s reputation for machining remarkably well in relation to other hardwoods, we were pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it was to work with, even remarking at some point along the way:

“This stuff was made to be turned into Launch Boxes!”
Each and every Muad-Dib produced in this limited release was hand run from raw stock to finished product by two of our most senior artisans as a special project and as such is truly a labor of love. Visit our Artisan Collection to get yours while supplies last.

New and Improved Dirt


If instead of saucers, UFOs looked more like breasts, I’ll bet there’d be a lot more people trying to take pictures of them.”
― Jarod Kintz,

You tell me you love me, but I’m not sure you know what love is, or how fast it flies, or how much it resembles a UFO, or what kind of weapon you’d use to shoot it down.”

― Jarod Kintz,

Our Flagship product, the Magic-Flight Launch Box, has long been praised for being simultaneously Healthy, Stealthy, Wealthy and Wise. Whenever possible, we like to continue to use these adjectives as guidelines for all new products that we develop. One day last year, our founder walked into the workshop and gathered our engineers together to introduce the prototype for his latest creation, The UFO, an under-cover water pipe.


The idea was simple. Everyone enjoys the smooth draw of vapor cooled through a water pipe. However, not everyone wants to keep a bulky and breakable glass piece around the house, much less take it out in public. Thus, our founder began to experiment with creating a discreet, hand-held, non-breakable kit that fits in one’s pocket or purse. Thus the UFO was born. The Bamboo disc stealthily sits on top of just about any drinking glass or coffee mug.


Within seconds, it transforms the vessel from a regular cup into a water pipe, and then back again in the blink of an eye. We all had fun taking the prototypes home and testing them on various cups and mugs in order to find the perfect size. And, of course, as is our custom here at Magic-Flight, we tested it out in the field, experimenting with its furtive versatility.

The verdict? Yep, it’s stealthy! A curios bystander could even hold the UFO kit in his hands and still have no idea what he is looking at. We also relish the fact that the UFO is not actually a filtration device until it is assembled and paired with a glass, making it perfect for travel. As one can see, discretion was considered throughout the design process, from the overall design to the little details. One such feature is the series of perforations at the tip of the down-stem that serve to muffle the sound of the bubbles, altering it from a tell-tale gurgle to a barely-audible fizz. When considering such care and attention to detail, it is quite obvious why we take pride in this innovative addition to the bubbler family.


Once the UFO’s functionality was dialed in, all that was left was determining the name to laser onto the bamboo disc. Upon showing a working sketch to our founder via text, we were pleased to find the tireless experimenter taking an uncharacteristic, mid-day stroll on the beach. We were even more amused at his ingenuity in using the tools at hand to quickly convey his suggestions for how to proceed with the task of surface design.


The first photo, accompanied by the text “not sure if you can see my dirt sketch”, required further clarification. However, the subsequent photo, captioned with “I upgraded to some new and improved dirt”, not only put smiles on our faces, but also got the message across. Who doesn’t like new and improved dirt? And with that, the UFO (Unnamed Filtration Object) began its journey out of the invention pile and into your hands. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Far Side.First dirt molecule

Shake It Up

Herbal smoking blends have long been an important part of the medicine ways of herbalists and folk healers from around the world. Because different plants require different processes for extracting the active ingredients, some plants are best taken as teas, some as infused oils, and some are best smoked. Fortunately for the health conscious, vaporization extracts the same volatile organic compounds as smoking, without the risks associated with inhaling combustion byproducts.

Damiana, Green Tea, Chamomile, Hops, and Lavender, have all been smoked for centuries to relieve common ailments. For those new to vaporization, we wanted to put together a brief introduction to some of our favorite plants to enjoy in the Launch box:


Mugwort shown with our “Flower of Life” Launch Box from our Artisan Collection

Mugwort (Artemesia Vulgaris)

Sweet dreams are made of this! Mugwort ( sometimes called Cronewort for the wisdom it is said to impart) is a weed that grows feely throughout most of the world. It is considered a sacred magical plant of the Druids, and is consumed as a nutritious green vegetable throughout Asia. Today, it enjoys widespread contemporary use as a pleasant smoking herb to induce dreamtime adventures.


Lemon Balm shown with our “Frequency” Launch box from our Artisan Collection.

Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis)

Lemon Balm was dedicated to the Goddess Diana, and was used medicinally in ancient Greece. Lemon Balm has traditionally been employed against a wide range of symptoms ranging from earaches to heart palpitations. A popular herb among students, It has recently been shown to increase mental clarity, relaxation, and concentration.

menthapiperita 2

Peppermint shown with our “Thrive” Launch Box from our Artisan Collection

Peppermint (Mentha Piperita)

Peppermint has a familiar, refreshing taste  that can be enjoyed on its own for its soothing properties, or added to other herbal blends as a flavor enhancer. Peppermint enthusiasts report experiencing relief from a broad range of respiratory and digestive ailments, including asthma, allergies, upset stomach, and symptoms of the common cold.

Enjoy these standbys alone or blended with other dried herbs, or pick up one of our Herbal Blends. Available in Balancing BleusSweetly Calming, Feelin’ Fine, and Revitalizing, our Herbal Blends are expertly formulated to each deliver their own mild but distinct flavor and experience.

*Note that mugwort contains Thujone and as such is not suitable for pregnant women.These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Alpha and Beta Products vs. Official Products


When someone walks into the store, they hold in their hands the end result of a long and thorough development process. Every physical item we own represents the combined efforts of many, including conversations, actions and learning processes. At Magic Flight, we choose to share that process with you, in the hopes that by inviting the real feedback of those most likely to benefit from our products earlier on in the manufacturing process, we can together create (and later enjoy) the best possible version of any idea.

As innovators and inventors who bring never before attempted products to the public, we must employ our own unique process of bringing products to the marketplace. Below, we seek to clarify some of the terms we use to describe how we do things.

After determining functionality, our engineers refine an original vision through a series of prototypes, ending in an Alpha Product Release. At this level, we give our new products away to carefully selected friends and members of our extended community with the explicit agreement that in exchange for recieving a unit, the alpha tester will provide timely, thoughtful, and thorough feedback, as well as a certain amount of discretion and non-disclosure. Occasionally, we may require that alpha products be returned to us for laboratory analysis, where this kind of information would be of benefit our product development. After gathering and incorporating as much information as possible from people who have used the product, we are able to refine the appearance and functions to the point where we are confident in our soon-to-be-new offering.

At this stage, we will announce a Beta Product Release. At the Beta level, we begin selling the item on our retail website (clearly labeled as Beta). What is still in development at this stage is the process of refining the literature, final details on packaging, and supporting online educational content, such as FAQ’s. The release of Beta products allows us to learn how we can best educate our customers and the general public on how to be successful with our new product. Beta products are resolved to our satisfaction on the merits of their appearance and function. They contain instructions and access to our full lifetime functional warranty along with all the customer service benefits of any of our products. In other words, customers with Beta units requiring warranty services for functional issues will receive a new Beta unit. In cases where we no longer posses stock of Beta units, or flaws in the function of the new design are discovered, a Beta unit will be warranted with a later model, or Official Product Release. It is important to note that Beta products are not automatically upgraded to later models and minor cosmetic changes to the design will not be considered reason for warranty.

When an Official Product Release is announced, this indicates that we have to our satisfaction perfected both the function and appearance of our new product, as well as all of the supporting literature, materials and educational processes that a potential customer would need to choose freely, wisely and well.