Magic-Flight at the Cannabis Cup


On June 28th, our crew set out heading north, traveling to San Francisco to set up camp at the much anticipated High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. This is an annual celebratory and informational event for vendors and patients alike to come together and we couldn’t wait to connect with our SF family!

magicflight11 copy

At our first stop, we pitched our solar powered tent at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.  After witnessing the care and intention that goes into the building of our products each day at our San Diego headquarters, we love being able to go out into the world and share what makes Magic-Flight products so special and unique.


Existing Launch Box customers who stopped by to say hello and share their stories with us received a free nano grinder, and we gave out over 50 nano grinders at the show. (and as many hugs!) We had the chance to connect with and educate some of the individuals who’s lives are made better through the use of our products, and  one owner of a broken Box was overjoyed to have it warranted on the spot, leaving the show with a brand new Launch Box!


We continued our battery recycling program, where Launch Box owners received 1 fresh new battery for every 2 consumed batteries they brought in. (our rechargeable batteries will perform for up to 500 re-charge cycles before being consumed, i.e no longer able to hold a charge and requiring replacement).


Across the walkway from our booth, Jonah from Dabstix kept the enthusiasm level high by hosting a huge giveaway, where excited fans scrambled for a chance to snatch up free goods from some of the great companies in attendance.


Our next stop was the Kush Expo in Aneheim, CA, where our team got to demo the Muad-Dib Concentrate Vaporizer for hundreds of attendees every day, creating quite the buzz around this new technology that makes vaporizing concentrates simple and convenient. Concentrate fans couldn’t wait to leave their delicate glass pieces and blowtorches at home and venture out with just our handheld Muad-Dib and a battery. We were honored that among all the amazing vapes out there, we where awarded the Kush Cup for Best Concentrate Vaporizer.


But one of our favorite moments of the entire adventure was getting to visit with Ray, the owner of Whelan’s Smoke Shop in Berkely, CA.  When we arrived, Ray dropped what he was doing to give us a warm welcome and share the following story.

When the Launch Box was first created back in 2009, our CEO and inventor, Forrest, would travel throughout the state and visit small local shops himself, hoping to strike up a good conversation with shop owners, and maybe have a chance to share his creation with them. Making the rounds with nothing but a Launch Box and a couple batteries in his pocket, his earnest demeanor and revolutionary product were enough to leave a lasting impression. At first, Ray was skeptical about this small handmade wooden Box, but he purchased a few kits anyway, making him the first shop in the Bay area to carry the Launch Box. After taking it home and giving it a try, he realized the potential and called Forrest the next day to place a larger order, citing only the need for packaging. Ray suggested a tin to store all the contents of the Launch Box kit in, Forrest agreed, and the rest is history. Even without any branding or packaging, Ray could see the huge potential of the Launch Box, which filled a real need for portability in a vaporizer for those desiring a healthier alternative to smoking.

We loved hearing his story and it made us all the more excited to show him the new Muad-Dib and newly designed packaging. He was thrilled to see how far we have come, and we all enjoyed the sense that we had come full circle by returning to where it all began to give Ray our newest offering. He was the first SF shop to carry the Launch Box, and is now the first store in the bay area to carry the Muad-Dib, and we look forward to continuing to grow together.

Magic Flight Family on The Road: South American Moto-Venturing with Becky and Andrea


For those of you who have been following us on our journey and getting to know more about who we are as a community through our posts, you may have already noticed that we believe that reality is multi-layered, like an onion. Everything that can be experienced can be understood to contain multiple levels of meaning. To the philosopher, or those with a contemplative temperament, these other levels tend to reveal themselves over time. An example of this unfolding of significance is the name “The Launch Box.” The immediate impact and implied meaning of the name are readily felt and understood, and thus satisfying to the part of us that is always questioning reality as it is presented to us. But over time we have come to more fully appreciate the profound implications of the fact that through our experimentation, we have discovered a device that can launch us into new realities never before imagined.

For us, it was the Launch Box that enabled Magic-Flight to grow from a handful of friends making vaporizers in a garage to the community we are today. The Launch Box “launched” us all into a more abundant future where we were able to continue to build, play, question, and experiment our way to many other inventions, including the Power Adapter, the Muad-Dib Concentrate Vaporizer, and all the embellished Boxes, jewelry, and woodworking seen in our Artisan Collection.

Another more personal example of the many ways that Magic-Flight as a company is “launching” people (i.e. enabling them to live their dreams) is the following story of two former Magic-Flight employees, Andrea and Becky, which illustrates that it is possible to make choices based on what it is that you truly love – in their case, friendship, motorcycles, and travel.


Andrea and Becky were introduced by mutual friends and bonded immediately over their many similarities, including riding the same motorcycles (the Suzuki DRZ 400). More importantly, they shared the same dream: to one day ride their bikes across South America. As fate would have it, they soon found themselves employed making Launch Boxes together at Magic-Flight.


In the early days of our company, we invested in Maker Place memberships for all interested artisans to continue mastering their craft off the clock. The Maker Place is a local organization similar in structure to a gym, where a monthly membership is paid that grants access to a vast selection of classes and machinery, including a full wood shop, lasers, CNC routers, industrial sewing machines and more. In addition to learning how to use a great variety of new tools and machinery, our Artisans learned to think more like engineers and be more creative about how to accomplish certain aspects of building the Launch Box, resulting in more efficiency, ease, and pride in craftsmanship.


In addition to the skills that were brought back into the workplace, many, including Andrea and Becky, found new creative expression for their abilities. Between their weekdays spent honing their wood and metal working skills by building Launch Boxes and their weekends spent using the Maker Place to build custom parts for their motorcycles, their dream of riding across South America together slowly became possible. Magic-Flight is a very special place, where every day we see people having the courage to dream bigger for themselves, and using the flexibility of our community’s culture to enable them to pursue those personal dreams.


About a year after they met, they got serious about pursuing this dream, using their wood working abilities to build bunk beds in Andrea’s apartment to help save money for the trip. For the next year, they diligently brought each other up to speed on their various talents: Andrea taught Becky everything she knew about cleaning carburetors and Becky helped Andrea to master the programs required to produce their video blog that would document the incredible adventures they would have along the way. Finally in October of 2013, they where ready to embark. Becky began in Alaska and Andrea joined her when she returned to San Diego. So far they’ve made their way through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and are currently in Columbia. Visit their blog to read of their adventures wrangling butterfliesnavigating military checkpoints, swimming with sharks, finding abandoned ruins, broken bones, and the incredible kindness of strangers. magicflight7

When you choose on the basis of love, you manifest your visions into reality and life becomes a magical adventure. After realizing they shared a dream, Andrea and Becky worked methodically toward it over time, carefully testing their friendship, their mechanic’s skills, and their ideas to see if they were strong enough to sustain them through the inevitable unexpected turns in the road that lie ahead. magicflight16

With this in mind, we invite you to consider the true meaning of the phrase “Get Launched”, and think about what wise and loving choices you can make today that ensure a tomorrow that far exceeds your wildest dreams.


Want to support the next chapter of their story and help them bring smiles to more people on their journey? Click here to Donate to their Kickstarter campaign.( The campaign ends July 31st, 2014.)

You can also check out the “Andrea and Becky” interview on

And of course, tune in to their website to be inspired by their adventure.

Kava at Spirit Weavers Gathering


We loved receiving this photo of the Muad-Dib in action! Our Muad-Dib Concentrate Vaporizer and unique, fast acting Kava Vapor Oil were shared in the Kava Temple and Talisman Making workshop at last month’s Spirit Weavers Gathering in Joshua Tree, CA.

“The Spirit Weavers Gathering is a collective of empowered, creative earth mamas and ceremonial sisters coming together once a year to support each other in learning to live in harmony with each other and the earth.”

The Kava root has been facilitating community processes for thousands of years throughout the Pacific Islands, and we are grateful to be a small part of carrying on this tradition!

Magic-Flight at CHAMPS

magicflightroorpuffchampsLast year, members of our Flight Crew visited Canada for the first time, learning that our Canadian counterparts are an incredibly educated and tech savvy group. Last month, members of our Flight Crew returned to Canada to attend CHAMPS, a 3 day event showcasing top glass blowing talent alongside makers of pipes, vaporizers, and other accessories.

CHAMPS strongly believes in “Laissez le bon temps rouler” or, let the good times roll. The event showcases top talent in the professional artisan glass-blowing community, as well as providing a place where counter-culture connoisseurs can come together in community. Attendees enjoy live glass blowing demos, free seminars on the North American Medical Cannabis Movement, breeder panels, competitions with prizes, and more.

We knew this would be an exciting event when our connection in Denver was delayed (for 5 hours!) due to Tornado warnings. We settled in and enjoyed desert while working from our laptops and watching a massive lightning and thunderstorm. It seemed very auspicious that five tornadoes touched down in Denver on our arrival day.

We were honored to share booth space with Puff and ROOR, both undisputed masters of gallery level glassware. Between their incredible pieces and our new releases, our collective space was packed all day every day! Although officially, we returned to Canada to share our new Muad-Dib Concentrate Vaporizer with our Canadian family, the Orbiter ended up stealing the show! Every visitor absolutely loved the aesthetic of the unit. We found ourselves demoing the Orbiter as much as the Muad-Dib and often in tandem. First time Muad-Dib users and seasoned concentrate fans alike all loved the simplicity, ease of use, design, and over all effectiveness of this gem! Excited fans took to calling the combination “The Dab Rig of the Future” for it’s ability to deliver the smoothest draw one could ever imagine.

CHAMPS has been called the ultimate showcase for Canadian wholesale and retail, and it was an honor to present the result of all of our artisans’ hard work to the world and see it received with so much love!!!

Kava Vapor Oil at The Edwardian Ball


After hearing so much about our founding philosophies, you may be wondering what the benefits of working in a philosophy-charged workplace might be.  In addition to being given opportunities to practice and put our philosophies to the test,  our penchant for pondering also often serves to entertain us by infusing workplace communications with unexpected, even hilarious tangents.  For example, in a recent company meeting, one of our flight crew’s interrupting ringtone prompted an unplanned, yet highly entertaining and informative exploration of the essence of what it means to be Goth. This impromptu discussion revealed that many found it difficult to articulate what it actually means to be Goth, and were content to dismiss the subculture as one made up of those with a romantic yet melancholy disposition.


What celebrated writers of the Gothic genre such as Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft were in fact suggesting was that the irrational and the unknowable are greater than the rational and knowable. The simple theme that underlies each of their stories is the idea that we are at the mercy of unseen forces. Many think of Goths as being obsessed with death, but it is closer to the truth to say that Goths simply desire for death to be acknowledged as an ever present part of life. Goth as a subculture can be seen as a reaction to mainstream western culture’s attempt to turn away from, suppress, or outrun death. In this regard, all subcultures can be better understood as humanities need to raise collective awareness around a particular idea.


Soon after this conversation, our flight crew embarked on an adventure to The Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles.  Armed with handmade Kava dispensing bandoliers specially designed for our unique purposes, our crew members shared Kava with hundreds of costumed enthusiasts from all over the world.  What a blessing to be able to enjoy Kava with others not afraid to peer into the darkness and find that in fact there is nothing to fear. The annual Edwardian Ball provides an opportunity to enjoy ballroom dancing, live music, fine art galleries, steam machinery, and more, all while laughing in the face of the unknown.