Flora Coryphee – Exploring the art of self-empowerment

Flora Coryphee LB_WAL“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” ~ Stephen King

Have you ever been told that something was impossible, only to discover that, in fact, it was not? Have you ever achieved a goal that you originally thought you were incapable of achieving? Most likely, we have all had this experience at least once in our lives. So, let us ponder what makes the seemingly-impossible become possible. We’ve seen it in our own accomplishments and in those of others. We see it in nature and we see it in ourselves. This ability to thrive when it seems least likely to do so inspires us to want to succeed even more. But where does this ability stem from?

In nature, it is mainly attributed to adaptability. Take, for example, the crocus flower and the snowdrop. Winter months can bring some of the least inhabitable climate conditions, causing most plants to remain dormant under the snow, yet these two flowers actually prefer to bloom in it. In fact, the crocus requires at least a month and a half of freezing temperatures to blossom, and the snowdrop uses its own heat to melt the snow around it, thus empowering itself to flourish in a frozen field. These two winter bloomers found a way to make an inhospitable environment hospitable for them, a natural phenomenon which, in turn, motivates us to do the same.

flowers combined

Blooming in the snow: the crocus (left) and the snowdrop (right)

So, how do we as humans adapt to our environment? The answer is far more complex than simply bundling up to go out in the cold, as we are not only adapting to nature, but also to our interpersonal surroundings. Our adaptability involves acquiring a variety of knowledge and skills, creating tools, utilizing resources, being aware of our own values, strengths and limitations, and applying it all to how we interact with our environment. If we move to a foreign country, we learn their language. If we find ourselves surrounded by clashing values, we attempt to understand them and find common ground. If we find ourselves in crisis, we tap into helpful resources and rely on our strength and courage to get through it. Adaptability, for us, generally refers to a reaction to change. However, in terms of self-empowerment, one must not only be reactive, but also proactive in order to accomplish the seemingly-impossible.

When we consider what it means to be proactive, the idea of not just reacting to change in our environment, but actually initiating it, comes to mind. Initiating change requires a certain level of gumption, a desire for improvement, and the ability to recognize if, when, and how change would be optimal. Again, acquiring new knowledge and skills may be in order, as well as improving upon strengths and limitations, and our values will remain part of the theme throughout. When going after that dream job, one must seek the education and training necessary to excel at it. Most would regard climbing Mt. Everest to be an inconceivable feat, but with the proper resources, training and equipment, that mountain peak is totally within reach. Of course, hope, optimism, and the inclination for personal growth are also key factors. Without them, the impossible often remains as such.

So, when it comes to taking charge of our own lives, going after what we want, and achieving goals we didn’t know we could, it is important to recognize just how capable we actually are. Dreams really are attainable and we can achieve anything we set our minds to. Once we have the desire and skill sets necessary to empower ourselves, anything is possible.

Flora Coryphee combo

Self-empowerment, especially that of the flowers, was part of the inspiration behind our new Flora Coryphee Launch Box. This whimsical piece’s laser-etched, floral design is an intricate blend of Art Deco and Art Nouveau, and features a silver-lined inset of genuine Labradorite, a stone believed to boost enthusiasm and stimulate imagination. Check out Flora Coryphee in our Artisan Collection, and ponder which seemingly-impossible dream you will accomplish next.

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