Go Boldly Where no Vaper Has Gone Before

Grab your space blankets and get ready to party! While it’s been hovering around the Magic-Flight galaxy for a bit, it’s more than time we bring the UFO back to the table– rather, pint glass. With all the practicality of the Orbiter, the UFO allows for the chilled, water filtration without the fragility and clumsiness of bringing a glass filter on the go.

The UFO can partner with your whip-ready vaporizer, our favorite herbal companion being the Muad-Dib with a mindful dab of our exclusive kava extract. Easy to set up, easy to use, and super portable, the UFO is the perfect accessory to your Magic-Flight set-up. And like every good conspiracy, the quick disassembly makes discretion a prime directive.

Our UFO comes in a travel sack, with two sizes of stems that adapt to your water cup depth, as well as a whip to connect your vaporizer and UFO, and a draw stem to inhale vapor through.  With a UFO bag slightly bigger than your cellphone (unless you went Galaxy or iPhone 6, then it’s the same size if not smaller), this is the easiest way to bring filtration with you no matter where you may find yourself ready to launch.

Reports are in: Magic-Flight UFO is ready for takeoff.

Now take one to your pint glass.

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