Introducing The Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder


Each and every Finishing Grinder passes through sets of hands in order to get to yours.  Watch our artisans in action above.

We have just released The Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder which is special purpose built specifically for the Launch Box. The grinder will come in your choice of Maple, Cherry or Walnut woods. It fits directly over the bowl and grinds dry herbals to a fine powder-like consistency for optimum high performance draws. The grind level rivals that of a coffee grinder but has many more advantages: 1) its small size — very portable, 2) stealth (no noise when in use), and 3) the ability to grind one LB loading at a time (or less!) with no loss.

Our new grinder creates the type of micro-fine grind ideal for use in the Launch Box. It’s intuitive design allows it to perch on top of the bowl of the Box and deposit the ground herbal material directly into your trench for the perfect session each and every time.  Instead of using a shredding technique like the Nano Grinder or other metal grinders, with The Finishing Grinder, the herbal material is pushed against the grinding surface and grated into your trench, resulting in an extremely fine grind, ideal for the MFLB.

In other respects, our new grinder is a bit like our Nano Grinder — very small, compact and similar in function, except that instead of being a shredder, its internal action is more like a grater. By producing a grind particulate that is 2X to 4X as fine, in diameter, there is an increase of at least 10X the surface area, which produces a dramatic difference in the quality and volume of each vapor draw. Launch Box Connoisseurs will definitely appreciate the increased efficiency, quality, and variety of vapor effects that this new tool unlocks in the Box!

The term “finishing” in the grinder’s name stems from a common woodworking term. Finishing is essentially the last set of steps that are taken to prepare a wood for use.  The Finishing Grinder received its name because it offers the highest refinement and the most perfect portable grind currently possible for the Launch Box.

The Nano Grinder is the end of the road for grind fineness from a portable metal grinder, there are no more improvements we can make for it to produce a finer grind. The Finishing Grinder picks up where the Nano Grinder leaves off, for the absolutely best portable grind for your Launch Box.

It is important to note that pre-grinding before loading The Finishing Grinder is only necessary for moist material.  If your material is dry, you can simply break it up by hand and use it directly with The Finishing Grinder. It is imperative that dry material is used in The Finishing Grinder or else buildup and jamming will occur very quickly.  If this buildup does occur, using a Q-tip dipped in 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and scrubbing the grinding surface will quickly remove it.

As with all of our flagship products, The Finishing Grinder carries a Lifetime Warranty.  It comes packaged in a stylish felt-lined tin for ease of transport and storage.


14 thoughts on “Introducing The Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder

  1. I have to say, $40 seems a little much.
    I’d happily pay $20 — I have almost every MFLB accessory already — but $40 just seems to be pushing it way too far.
    I’d rather stick to my tic-tac container with a quarter in it and shake a while.

    Love my box, love the company, but $40 for two pieces of wood and a metal screen between them…

  2. I balked at the price at first, but I finally got it and feel that it’s worth what I paid (well…almost). It’s at least the best grinder out there, and that’s justification enough.

  3. Ive got to say I was skeptikal at first. After using this product a few times, I have come away very impressed. It is small but mighty.It pulverizes the herb and is a must have for any launch box enthusiast..

  4. Yeah…I want to pick one up, but I think ill wait a while…like almost all products, it is expensive upon first release and then as production increases usually price drops. supply and demand. so I’m gonna wait this one out a bit and hope to see a price drop. who is with me?

  5. It’s been six months and MF has shown no inclination to drop the price. While I do think $40 is a little steep for a small grinder, I bought it anyway.

    It’s a game changer. It’s like buying the PA all over again. It’s so unbelievably clean and easy to use. Shaking my herb in a pill bottle was messy, annoying, required me to further dry my herb, and left a lot of delicious kief on the sides. And it NEVER got it as fine as this grinder does.

    The picture depicting the three levels of fineness is very accurate. The middle is about what I can get with my Sharpstone, the right is what I get with the finishing grinder.

    Considering how much I spend on product, and how much this grinder is benefiting my sessions, I consider this money WELL spent, even if I still think the price is a little high.

  6. I thought the same thing at first, but getting a fine enough grind has been a real issue for me, so I splurged and got one, and very glad I did. Not only does it do what it is supposed to do, but it’s very well made — a work of art, in fact, and after using it, I have to say that it is well worth the price.

  7. This kinda makes me think that for only a little more I could get a PAX. Humm.

  8. You also have to take into consideration the time and craftsmanship that’s put into it. For me I was having trouble truly getting a super fine grind, and to be honest this is what’s been best. Come through 100% for me.

  9. Seriously though – this grinder is as big a game changer as the box itself. Is it priced high at $40? Probably, but it’s worth it. And like everything else, it’s just damn well made. If you’re thinking about it, pull the trigger.

  10. I have found that nearly all magic flight products have looked over priced at first glance. But take into account the high quality of the products and, especially, that they have a Life Time Guarantee, and you realise the pricing is pretty fair.

  11. It is well worth everything, they have lifetime warranty because they have quality at their products , i respect that, I just got one last week and im so happy to have it, it´s very quickly to get high now, and what about the cleanliness , so dont hesitate and get it asap!