Kava Vapor Oil at The Edwardian Ball


After hearing so much about our founding philosophies, you may be wondering what the benefits of working in a philosophy-charged workplace might be.  In addition to being given opportunities to practice and put our philosophies to the test,  our penchant for pondering also often serves to entertain us by infusing workplace communications with unexpected, even hilarious tangents.  For example, in a recent company meeting, one of our flight crew’s interrupting ringtone prompted an unplanned, yet highly entertaining and informative exploration of the essence of what it means to be Goth. This impromptu discussion revealed that many found it difficult to articulate what it actually means to be Goth, and were content to dismiss the subculture as one made up of those with a romantic yet melancholy disposition.


What celebrated writers of the Gothic genre such as Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft were in fact suggesting was that the irrational and the unknowable are greater than the rational and knowable. The simple theme that underlies each of their stories is the idea that we are at the mercy of unseen forces. Many think of Goths as being obsessed with death, but it is closer to the truth to say that Goths simply desire for death to be acknowledged as an ever present part of life. Goth as a subculture can be seen as a reaction to mainstream western culture’s attempt to turn away from, suppress, or outrun death. In this regard, all subcultures can be better understood as humanities need to raise collective awareness around a particular idea.


Soon after this conversation, our flight crew embarked on an adventure to The Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles.  Armed with handmade Kava dispensing bandoliers specially designed for our unique purposes, our crew members shared Kava with hundreds of costumed enthusiasts from all over the world.  What a blessing to be able to enjoy Kava with others not afraid to peer into the darkness and find that in fact there is nothing to fear. The annual Edwardian Ball provides an opportunity to enjoy ballroom dancing, live music, fine art galleries, steam machinery, and more, all while laughing in the face of the unknown.

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  1. I just splurged on your new Finish Grinder. The difference is amazing. Thank you all.
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