Magic-Flight at CHAMPS

magicflightroorpuffchampsLast year, members of our Flight Crew visited Canada for the first time, learning that our Canadian counterparts are an incredibly educated and tech savvy group. Last month, members of our Flight Crew returned to Canada to attend CHAMPS, a 3 day event showcasing top glass blowing talent alongside makers of pipes, vaporizers, and other accessories.

CHAMPS strongly believes in “Laissez le bon temps rouler” or, let the good times roll. The event showcases top talent in the professional artisan glass-blowing community, as well as providing a place where counter-culture connoisseurs can come together in community. Attendees enjoy live glass blowing demos, free seminars on the North American Medical Cannabis Movement, breeder panels, competitions with prizes, and more.

We knew this would be an exciting event when our connection in Denver was delayed (for 5 hours!) due to Tornado warnings. We settled in and enjoyed desert while working from our laptops and watching a massive lightning and thunderstorm. It seemed very auspicious that five tornadoes touched down in Denver on our arrival day.

We were honored to share booth space with Puff and ROOR, both undisputed masters of gallery level glassware. Between their incredible pieces and our new releases, our collective space was packed all day every day! Although officially, we returned to Canada to share our new Muad-Dib Concentrate Vaporizer with our Canadian family, the Orbiter ended up stealing the show! Every visitor absolutely loved the aesthetic of the unit. We found ourselves demoing the Orbiter as much as the Muad-Dib and often in tandem. First time Muad-Dib users and seasoned concentrate fans alike all loved the simplicity, ease of use, design, and over all effectiveness of this gem! Excited fans took to calling the combination “The Dab Rig of the Future” for it’s ability to deliver the smoothest draw one could ever imagine.

CHAMPS has been called the ultimate showcase for Canadian wholesale and retail, and it was an honor to present the result of all of our artisans’ hard work to the world and see it received with so much love!!!

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