Magic-Flight is Serious About Safety — Seriously!


Since the beginning, our creative and unique Flight Crew members have gone out of their way to personalize their work areas with handmade signs, many of which serve the dual function of being irreverently funny and sharing important information about staying safe on the job. Over time, that culture has become so integral to who we are that we had begun to take its significance for granted, to the point where we were truly surprised and touched when, following a thorough review, Farmers Business Insurance decided to give us an award for the outstanding culture of workplace safety here at Magic-Flight.


Safety Excellence Award presented to us by Farmers Business Insurance

In their letter, they made it clear that very few businesses receive this award, and cited many examples of what set us apart from other manufacturers. Here’s just a few examples of some of the nice things they had to say about us:


…Because there is nothing like a spontaneous mid-day Nerf War to help break up the day. Yes, this actually happens here. Regularly. Hence the need for designated ” No Nerf” zones. (as seen below)

“You are always striving to provide the best possible work environment, including engineering and process design, culture, employee training and job rotation, not to mention coaching, compassion, and empathy. You and your team have earned this honor.

Some of your actions include:

• Customizing various features and jigs not just for precision and efficiency but also to optimize safety ( e.g. capture dust at the source, keep body parts away from the point of operation, enhance ergonomics and reduce fatigue.)

• Measuring the airborne levels of dust (they are three levels below the limit!) and installing additional dust collection equipment.

Contracting with a Massage therapist to come on site 3 or more days a week to maintain the health of production employees.


The Door to our wood shop press room.

Having a dedicated safety person who gives meetings/ training to all departments every two months, and also performs monthly and quarterly workplace inspections. She has done an impressive job and done a lot in a very short time.

• Working to instill a close knit, multilevel, family type of culture with the employees.

• Reducing noise level by enclosing equipment and installing sound absorbing materials to the walls, even though the average sound level is well below the threshold, employees are still required to wear ear protection in the woodworking room.”




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