North of The Border

Thomas Manson FB Happy NYE from Canada

In 2014, we reached out to our Canadian brothers and sisters in the vaporizer movement, visiting over 40 different head shops and other organizations in person to connect and meet our fellow North Americans.  It is truly inspiring to see that our Canadian family is so intelligent, technologically savvy, and well informed as to the myriad benefits of vaporizing. The number of shops where the Launch Box and other accessories can be found north of the border continues to grow.

As this web evolves, it has become one of the main ways we stay in touch and see what unfolds once our products leave the wood shop.  For example, we want to send out a Thank You to Thomas Manson for sharing this moment with us, captioned simply “Happy New Years Eve from Canada”. The famed Canadian Goose pictured above is highly adaptable and has proven to be quite successful at living in human-altered environments. They are also known to be “herbivorous” (and prone to begging!).  We hope Mr. Manson doesn’t mind sharing, or inter-species friendships, as we all know how passing the Launch Box to others tends to result in the making of lifelong friends!

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