The Premium Wood Flight Essentials Bundle Has Arrived!


At Magic-Flight, we do training a little differently. Rather than focusing solely on levels of productivity, we dedicate a significant amount of time to training our artisans to stop and pay attention to each piece of wood, looking for unique characteristics in woodgrain or burl to be showcased by the act of cutting, sanding, and shaping our products. This process of really tuning in to the unique Figure of each piece of wood takes a little bit longer, but allows the wood to reveal to us its natural beauty. In this way, each and every product we make is unique.

orbiters2Another way that we have found to enhance the natural beauty of the wood we use for our Orbiters is switching from using mineral oil to beeswax as a protective coating. Our Flight Crew is made up of many a Magic- Flight product enthusiast, so we have an endless source of quality feedback on how our products withstand the test of time. Mineral oil was originally chosen as a natural way to protect our finished products, but after 4 or 5 months of use and occasional water exposure, we found our Orbiters where looking just a little bit dull.

We decided to switch to beeswax for this product because of it’s known safety, being used to protect butcher blocks and wooden cutting boards. Rather than becoming dull from water exposure over time, the beeswax finish actually evolves slowly, creating richer hues and bringing out the beauty we encounter in the grain of the wood. See some of our our favorite examples of these above, including Flame Maple, Birdseye Maple, and Spalted Maple.

Having found a more enduring way to naturally enhance the patterns that so captivate us, we thought it was high time we introduced our Orbiter and Power Adapter Flight Essentials in premium cherry and walnut wood choices, to match our premium wood vaporizers.  These have been produced in limited quantities for the true connoisseur. It is our pleasure to announce that while supplies last, we will be offering these Power Adapters and Orbiters at a discounted rate when purchased together as a bundle.  Order any of these select premium wood accessories at a stand alone rate, or bundle a PA and Orbiter together (with matching wood or as a mix-and-match set) to receive up to $40 in savings! Discounted bundle rate available while supplies last. Visit our Web Shop to view the full details of this special offer, just another way for us to wish you a Happy Holiday!

3 thoughts on “The Premium Wood Flight Essentials Bundle Has Arrived!

  1. Will the beeswax flip be applied to all wood products bought from here on out, or would it be possible to request it on order? I have personally been doing a light sanding and refinishing with beeswax with all of my woods from you guys, so this is awesome news.

  2. Interesting. The orbiter I bought 2 months ago doesn’t appear to have any finish on it at all. It could also use a finish sanding. And the bottom doesn’t sit flat. It’s a opportunity to get exactly the finish I want…but it sure is difficult to see what should have been.