Setting Standards for Power Portability

A great deal of fuss has been made over humankind’s invention of fire. Since then (about a million years ago), innovators have made great progress on how to harness that power. So when our CEO was inventing the first Launch Box, a lot of thought went into the choice of using batteries to generate the heat needed for vaporization. We set out to make the most portable, safe, and efficient devices possible, and continue to set the industry standards for vaporizers.

We often hear from the Magic-Flight community about being able to take the Launch Box with them anywhere they go, use it in even the coldest weather, and getting the most out of the medicinal properties of what they put in it. The incomparable stealth of the Launch Box is well-known, and here in this post we’ve focused on how batteries contribute to making that possible. Setting standards happens best when design meets people with what is already familiar and also what is easily accessible to them.


We’ve also learned a lot about the different types of batteries and have found that what manufacturer’s claim about energy storage, retention, and the number of charge-discharge cycles is not always accurate. We recommend a minimum energy density of 2,000 milliamp hours. The batteries included with the Launch Box are rechargeable to maximize the sustainability of our products, minimizing the harm and waste as compared to other energy sources.

As opposed to using gas as fuel and flames for heat, the use of batteries is weather resistant and thermal-proof. As long as you keep the batteries relatively warm (like in your pocket), you can use the Launch Box in all seasons outdoors, whether you’re at the ski slopes, the skating rink, or climbing up Mount Everest. You don’t need to worry about whether its windy outside or about the aerosol sounds of butane gas when you’re somewhere public, inside.

Not all batteries use the same chemistry – so for example, alkaline batteries won’t work with the Launch Box; lithium batteries are not recommended; and only some nickel zinc types will work. In regards to retaining the charge – if you use the Launch Box everyday, you want to get an HSD (high self-discharge) battery; and if you use it less frequently – LSD (low self-discharge) batteries work best. The ones we ship with the Launch Box are LSD batteries, charged before they’re shipped so that they can be used straight out of the box.

We now work directly with a manufacturer to develop a variation of the nickel metal hydride chemistry batteries, but you can also buy off-the-shelf batteries wherever they’re sold. You’ll need to peel off the label for them to work, though, and make sure to use a cap to protect them when not in use. We’ve answered these and many other questions in our FAQ about how to make optimal use of your batteries.

As leaders setting high standards for the industry, we continue to experiment with the available technology and continue to innovate based on the different ways in which batteries end up being used with the Launch Box. You can get a set of our top of the line batteries right here from our store. You’ll find the Magic-Flight logo at the bottom of our batteries – a sign that they’ve been designed and tested specifically for how you’ll use them. We’d love to hear about your experiences with batteries in actual use, so that we can continue to make the best vaporizers on the market.

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