The Lathe is The Soul of the Woodshop

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At Magic-Flight, we seek always to be growing as individuals, and as a community. Our Flagship product, the Launch Box is hand crafted by skilled artisans in an 84 step production process, a fact that gives us great pride in our work, as well as providing daily opportunities to develop skills and capacities that can be applied to all manner of creative  projects and situations in life.  We especially appreciate the way the craft of woodworking develops our patience, focus, problem solving skills and mind-body connection.


It has been said that the table saw is the heart of the wood shop. If the table saw is the heart, then the Lathe is the soul. The lathe is an ancient piece of rotary machinery used throughout the world in the making of tools, chair legs, musical instruments, bowls and more. Although there are currently many types of lathes, including those used in recording, glass working, and metal spinning, they are all descended from the original wood lathe.  As our artisans grow in mastery of their craft, the Lathe is increasingly available as an outlet for creativity and means of exploration of material and form.


The art of wood turning can be traced back as far as Ancient Egypt, where a two person “strap lathe” was used to create intricate wood carvings. One person would work the strap to create semi- continuous motion while the other held the wood and performed the actual carving. Although the technology has advanced greatly over the centuries, the basic concept remains the same. With Lathed Wood Plug Earrings recently being added to our Artisan Collection, we happily join in this storied lineage, and look forward to offering more lathed wood products in the future.