The Premium Wood Flight Essentials Bundle Has Arrived!


At Magic-Flight, we do training a little differently. Rather than focusing solely on levels of productivity, we dedicate a significant amount of time to training our artisans to stop and pay attention to each piece of wood, looking for unique characteristics in woodgrain or burl to be showcased by the act of cutting, sanding, and shaping our products. This process of really tuning in to the unique Figure of each piece of wood takes a little bit longer, but allows the wood to reveal to us its natural beauty. In this way, each and every product we make is unique.

orbiters2Another way that we have found to enhance the natural beauty of the wood we use for our Orbiters is switching from using mineral oil to beeswax as a protective coating. Our Flight Crew is made up of many a Magic- Flight product enthusiast, so we have an endless source of quality feedback on how our products withstand the test of time. Mineral oil was originally chosen as a natural way to protect our finished products, but after 4 or 5 months of use and occasional water exposure, we found our Orbiters where looking just a little bit dull.

We decided to switch to beeswax for this product because of it’s known safety, being used to protect butcher blocks and wooden cutting boards. Rather than becoming dull from water exposure over time, the beeswax finish actually evolves slowly, creating richer hues and bringing out the beauty we encounter in the grain of the wood. See some of our our favorite examples of these above, including Flame Maple, Birdseye Maple, and Spalted Maple.

Having found a more enduring way to naturally enhance the patterns that so captivate us, we thought it was high time we introduced our Orbiter and Power Adapter Flight Essentials in premium cherry and walnut wood choices, to match our premium wood vaporizers.  These have been produced in limited quantities for the true connoisseur. It is our pleasure to announce that while supplies last, we will be offering these Power Adapters and Orbiters at a discounted rate when purchased together as a bundle.  Order any of these select premium wood accessories at a stand alone rate, or bundle a PA and Orbiter together (with matching wood or as a mix-and-match set) to receive up to $40 in savings! Discounted bundle rate available while supplies last. Visit our Web Shop to view the full details of this special offer, just another way for us to wish you a Happy Holiday!

Announcing our Choose Love Contest

Choose Love Contest

Love cannot be constrained, modified or conditioned by anything which exists, for it has the nature of creation.

Love is never dependent on any specific or particular form, detail or quality.

As might be expected from looking at a Launch Box, we’ve done a lot of thinking on the topic of Love. We believe that Love is more enabling of choice than any other emotion. It’s an integral part of the Magic–Flight community and is infused into each product we design and make by hand.

Around this time of year, romantic love—the chocolate-and-roses kind—seems to draw the collective attention, but we want to invite you to take some time to appreciate and celebrate Love in all of the forms it takes. We’re asking you to share how you choose, create, and express Love in your world. To help motivate and inspire you, we’re giving our three favorite entries via Instagram and Facebook their choice of one of four prizes: a Maud-Dib Concentrate Box Kit, or our new bubbler, the Orbiter (coming out soon), a Power Adapter 2.0, or any Launch Box Kit that we offer.


After some consideration, share with us an expression of your Love. What does it look like? Does it come to you through music and sound? What words come to mind? Who or what are the things that enrich your life on a profound level?

Examples of creative expressions focusing on Love as the theme, inspiration, or subject include:

  • Language: a haiku, poem, or other creative use of words
  • Visual: a photograph, painting, collage, or other visual representation
  • Sound: an original composition or performance using sounds
  • Surprise us!


The last day to submit an entry via Facebook or Instagram is Wednesday, February 12th at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Our staff will assemble and judge all entries on Thursday, February 13th, and winners will be announced on Instagram and Facebook Friday, February 14th.



Top Three Winners will receive their choice of one of four prizes:

4th and 5th Runner’s Up (if applicable) will be able to choose from two one-of-a-kind Art Cart offerings:


  • Our antiqued brass Keychain, or
  • Our newest addition – a sterling silver Glyph Pendant, available in small (shown) or large sizes.


Share your photo, poem, video, or other creative idea on our wall. Please include a short description with your post and the hashtag #chooselovecontest.
Follow @magicflight on Instagram and include the hashtag #chooselovecontest on your photo along with a short explanation.


  • You must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • You may only submit ONE entry via Instagram or Facebook – not both.
    (You are welcome to use an app like Diptic to combine several photos into one if your idea is better expressed that way.)
  • If you choose to incorporate a Launch Box in your photograph (not required), do not include any herbal material. Photos that show the serial number of the Box will be disqualified. Make sure you cover or blur the serial number in your entry or don’t include it in your photo.
  • The last day to submit an entry is Thursday, February 12th by 11:59 PM PST; any entries received after this time will be ineligible for selection.
  • Anyone in the world is eligible to enter as long as you can receive delivered packages.

We will collect all the entries and post them on our blog (here!) to spread the Love.

The Power Adapter 2.0 Aphorism

PA back for blog

“Possibilities connect people;
Fear separates them.
Always ask questions.”


An Aphorism is a short and precise statement of an essential principle or truth. The aphorism on the Power Adapter 2.0 consists of two statements.  The first statement, in two parts, is an observation (possibilities connect people; fear separates them).  The second statement is an injunction (call to action): always ask questions. This is similar to the existing aphorism on the back of the Launch Box.  For comparison, consider that the MFLB aphorism is in three parts.  The first sentence of the MFLB aphorism is essentially a definition (love is that which enables choice), the second one is a theorem (love is always stronger than fear), and the last one in an injunction (always choose on the basis of love).  Together, the aphorism on the PA and the one on the MFLB represent entry points to a comprehensive system of life enhancing philosophy.

The first part of the PA aphorism makes an observation about what brings people together.  People are brought together by a perception of possibility. This works particularly well when that possibility is something that people can actually partake of, see, and connect to, something that they can really benefit by.  Even without personal benefit, (for example, for possibilities which go beyond the personal) people will often want to be involved for altruistic reasons.  It is natural for people to want to connect with something that is genuinely larger than themselves, something meaningful, beautiful, and ideal. If you want to bring people together, then you will want to create possibility.  To do this, you need to create a vision of the future which is inclusive, which has the capacity to move forward and further common aims and dreams. You will want to create a sense of expansiveness. To even have hope for the future is to acknowledge possibility.  To the degree that the future is seen as open, we are all free to create something beneficial.

As such, the first part of the aphorism is about these observations.  It partially answers the question of ‘what is the “glue” that holds communities together?’.  Also, just to reinforce the basic idea, there is also considered the question of ‘what is corrosive to that glue?’.  For example, if you have fostered an environment where there’s a lot of judgement, fear, and reaction, where people do not see possibility because of what they think might happen, there is going to be created a feeling of isolation, of loneliness, of groups divided, of possibilities, hopes, and dreams lost.  If you see someone fostering an environment of fear, you know that they will, either intentionally or accidentally, split the community, to everyone’s detriment. The PA aphorism is therefore actually a rather deep observation about the essence of community and the fundamental things necessary to create any sort of community at all.

Having identified that possibility is a fundamental ingredient necessary to create community, the next natural question is: “what is it that creates possibility?”.  Asking questions creates possibilities.  It creates an opening for an answer.  It creates an opening for other questions that lead to genuin understanding.  It allows us to undo assumptions, and to essentially have the assumptions be cleared so that there is room for the truth to come out.  In any case, it is best to lead with a question. It is best to lead by first seeking to understand the here and now, to be truly and authentically present, before charging off into the future. There’s a book called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. One of the habits described in the book is to “seek first to understand, then to be understood”.  That particular idea, “seek first to understand”, is actually a reflection of a much deeper principle.  Its connected to the essence of creating possibility, of creating openness, and creating conversation.  By creating conversation and producing the opportunity for there to be new possibilities discovered, and new answers found, then that becomes the methodology by which a higher quality of conscious community can be created.

When we say “always ask questions”, we are promoting a process that encourages people to engage in those actions that create possibility, and thereby, to create community. By asking good questions, you can truly shift and improve the course of civilization.  This practice is the fundamental glue that holds society together.  It is up to us whether or not we choose to increase or decrease this connective glue in our communities and in our daily lives.  This opportunity has been given to all of us.