The Aphorism of Respect, for groups

As is common knowledge, Magic-Flight has long posted a particular aphorism on the back of all of our Launch Box products:.


Love is that which enables choice.
Love is always stronger than fear.
Always choose on the basis of love.


In our complex world, the truth of these sentiments remains as individually relevant and as applicable in our day to day lives as ever.

Over time, in our deepening experience in working with and understanding this aphorism, applying it whenever possible within the context of the Magic-Flight community, (for example, in customer relationships, and in making choices about the day to day operations), an awareness of the need for a certain parallel construction has also became increasingly apparent.

The ‘love aphorism’ (as it has come to be called) is something which, upon reflection, is directed and intended to be used and applied as an individual. It is a guide for maximum effectiveness in and within individual choice. What would be its equivalent for a group?

At the level of community, as a whole organism in itself, the striving for effectiveness is an effort of *combined* choice. It is a perennial problem in any civilization: how to coherently compose the disparate choices of unique individuals into a collective whole? What is the best way for a collection of Artisans to work together, to choose and produce in common? What, ultimately, is the principle and practice of this unity, one which does not diminish the individual, but rather enhances it, appropriately, and in a healthy, holistic way?

These questions are enduring and at the core of nearly every social grouping, regardless of if we are considering the philosophy of government, the institutions of education, social movements (for example, ‘as open source’), festivals, therapy groups, and all other types of towns and in-corporations. Given the importance of these types of questions, it therefore seems relevant to delve back into the deeper metaphysics, underlying the philosophy, and determine what would be relevant to say about the collective.

Here then, is the ‘aphorism of respect’:.


Respect is that which enables action.
Whereas love is strong; respect is powerful.
Always engage on the basis of respect.


Whereas ultimately choice is a personal thing, unpredictable and private, action is a public one; an expression visible to everyone. Groups exist to the degree that a collective action exists —an alignment and coherency that is ultimately the way in which a group recognizes itself and finds its own unified identity. A collection of people which achieves nothing together, where the summation of all individual expressions average and cancel one another, there is no group, no evidence of unity. It is only through the combined process of expression, followed by perception, that there is any ability for any group to act, and therefore see itself as a being.

In a healthy relationship, there is both love and respect. These concepts go together, and any relationship which does not have both is likely to end for one reason or another. This is as true in community and in business as it is in personal, romantic relationships.

Action and engagement are ultimately trans-personal events; expressive beyond oneself and into the world, and therefore potentially meaningful. Art only becomes that when it moves beyond the artist, outside of their control, in some ultimate and irreversible sense. When in a group, as in any cultural tradition, we seek to align to something greater than ourselves, to find meaning in more than just the movements of ones own life and satisfaction. The sense of meaning is only meaningful when it is truly and authentically shared.

The respect that is described here is a respect for ‘other’; a positive and clear regard for another besides oneself. Insofar as we all mutually influence, though not control, one another, there is inherently a sense of risk, and uncertainty as to the motivations, intentions, or consequences of others actions. Nature has its own forces, which only occasionally and under certain circumstances permit us, temporarily, to shape them. We must be, and remain, mindful of this, authentically acknowledging the real risks that exist, and consciously adapting to them as best as possible. We seek to be ever evolving to maintain sustainability.

Therefore, whether dealing with people or working with live electrical lines, we need to be sure that we act and engage with the proper tools, mindful of appropriate caution when in the presence of any great power, for we are all in our own way, powerful — potent in affecting one another greatly.
This new aphorism is a reminder of these truths.


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