The New Monocle Edition Launch Box




If you’re going to scream, scream with me. Moments like this never last.” ~ The Misfits, Hybrid Moments

Yep, that’s right. We just quoted the Misfits because, well, we are having a moment here at headquarters. We are just so filled with joy to to hold, in our hands, something that we have been dreaming of making available to you for quite some time. Moments like this bring our our inner-children and, apparently, their musical preferences as well!

Meet the Monocle Edition Launch Box, which is a hybrid – a cross-breed between the Steam Punk style of the Muad-dib Concentrate Box, and the Launch Box‘s full mesh screen for loose herbal materials. Between the continuous requests from all of you, and the persistence of our lead engineer, everything has come together to push this potential product to the top of our priority list.


I’d love to see a regular Launch Box with this [Muad-dib’s] design.”

~ Instagram, December 2013


I would be really interested in a new MFLB design that has the steampunk look of the Muad-dib. Some brass, a magnifying lens and maybe a dark wood finish. That would be awesome.”

~ Reddit, July 2014


Any idea if they are going to make a regular box (for flowers) with this new style? I love the design of this box and mine is getting old. I’ve been considering getting a new walnut box, but I would actually like one of these better… if it were made for flowers like the others. Please tell me this is coming!”

Ask magic flight and maybe they will.”

Done. I emailed them. Hopefully they’ve already got plans!”

~ Reddit, January 2014


We had a few functional changes to make, including removing the air inlet route to prevent herb from spilling out when the box is shaken to redistribute materials. We also had to account for the fact that the monocle lid naturally allows the right amount of air into the box without the need for an additional entry point.

We hope you enjoy the Monocle Edition Launch Box. It’s classy, it’s premium, and it can be yours while supplies last! Click here for more details.

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