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Have you ever been sitting at home after perusing the Interwebs and thought to yourself, “It is high time I go out and get myself a Magic-Flight Launch Box?!” Unless you’re some kind of patient, waiting for the postal worker can be such a bummer when you just want your vaporizer now. And who can forget the daily hunt for your spy camera—er—Launch Box?

Okay, it’s not that bad, but it could all be avoided if you only knew where to go…

Being that we thrive on instant gratification almost as much as you do, something had to be done to help our future (and current) Launch Box owners find Magic-Flight gear as efficiently as possible. From the workings of this premise, we bring you: The Store Locator!

store locator

Yes, it’s true! The team at Magic-Flight worked hard to streamline yet another process of your in-Flight experience and humanize one more element of your vaporizing quest. By populating a map with some of your nearest and most Magic-Flight friendly retailers, you can submit your location-based query into the map and find the closest Magic-Flight retailers in your area.

It may be a long distance between you and the nearest Magic-Flight retailer even though there may be shops in your area that sell our products. With this first incarnation of the Store Locator, we have populated our map with some of the resellers that work most closely with us, carrying our full range of Magic-Flight products. By no means is this intended to leave anyone out and that’s why we’re dubbing this Store Locator a “beta” version.

store locator 2

With our beta Store Locator, you can know that while you’re not interacting with Magic-Flight directly, you are interacting with someone who has agreed to share our values in helping you, the vaporizing enthusiast, find the legitimate and complete Magic-Flight experience. These locations are as much connoisseurs of our boxes as they are committed to upholding the ideals and community vision of our products.

As we refine the process of maintaining a database of over ten thousand retail locations, we thank you, the Magic-Flight community, for all your suggestions in guiding us to better ways to support you. We continue to grow from humble beginnings and Launch Tubes, into a unified community of enthusiasts, and our Locator will be updated as we continue onward and upward. We hope you appreciate our Locator as much as we appreciate you and we definitely hope you find the Magic-Flight products you were looking for.

Ready to launch? Go check out our Store Locator (it’s live now)!

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