Wisdom Card Wednesday


“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field – I will meet you there.”

~ Rumi

The metaphoric field referred to above is, in fact, the place where all dualities merge back into oneness.

Many of us know the sweetness of dwelling in the expansiveness of non-dual reality, but we often find ourselves in situations that seem to prevent us from getting there. When it comes to inhabiting a more harmonious and fulfilling version of reality, communication is the pathway that will take us there.

We hear proverbs such as “In the beginning there was The Word.” Visionaries like Alex Grey and Terrance Mckenna have both spoken about perceiving a primordial language or code that functions as the building blocks of all possible life. It seems that, on this point, many religious and philosophical systems can agree – words are magic. Words create reality.

It is because of this awareness that we chose to partner with local consultants of Compassionate Communication (also referred to as Non Violent Communication, or NVC) to help us attend to our growing community’s emotional well-being, by proactively strengthening our communication skill set. Compassionate Communication is careful to say that it is not a new approach – it only seeks to remind us of what we know in our hearts to be true – that in our individual nature and our cultural context, we are all human beings who share the same basic human needs. Even in situations of apparent conflict, communication can quickly bring us from the surface experience of separation into the underlying reality that we are, in fact, attempting to get the very same needs met, but through different means as dictated by our individual life experiences and personalities.

We chose Compassionate Communication as the skill set to explore because of how its core assertion, that we all have the same basic wants and needs, aligns perfectly with our own philosophies regarding how to approach others:

“At the root, the desires of self and those of culture are always in deep alignment and agreement. The deepest desires of the self are always connected with the deepest desires of community and nature”

To practice this perspective is to walk with curiosity and compassion – qualities that can move us out of our own isolated experience of the moment, and into meaningful connection with all of life.

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